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Alta Trails

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Just wondering how many of you ladies and gents have skied Alta and what your favorite trails/gates were.
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Gunsight, North Rustler, Eddies High, Dogleg, Perlas, Main Chute, Ballroom, Shoulder, Bad News, The Castle......

Alot to love at Alta.
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Its going to sound kind of corny, but Sweet n' Easy will always hold a special place with me.

As of 2 winters ago I had never skied. My g/f took me to Alta on the annual trip with her family. Our third and final day, I caught last chair on Cecret and it was just me and the trees on the way back down. I knew then and there that I was officially addicted.

"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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When skiing with my 5 year old son, I love to try to follow him through what ski school calls the 'bear trails'. Lots of dips, tight turns, and bumps made for kids. This area is all the tree areas between crooked mile and patsey marley.

Others: Catherine's Area, 3 bears, and sleepy hollow off the supreme lift.

I like that little gully that starts behind the new Collins midpoint station. Don't think it has a name.

Anyone know how the new Watson shelter is coming along?
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My favorite area is Glory Hole and the canyons and chutes to Yellow Trail. Anywhere along Ballroom. Its hard to think of any area of Alta I would dislike!
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I don't really have a "favorite trail" but my favorite lift(s) are: Sugarloaf and Supreme!
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Supperior, Supreme, Catherines', Mary's, etc.
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I haven't skied Alta nearly as much as some here, but over the years I have 40 days on the hill. My favorite areas are Supreme (Catherine's), and Wildcat (Punch Bowl, Wildcat Bowl, Black Jack), Collins (High Traverse to everywhere). The great thing about Alta is that you can't miss.
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