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Any Look binding experts?

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I have two sets of a couple year old Look P8.0 (or one 8.0 & one 7.0). One set of bindings has a DIN range of 4-12, best for myself, and the other set has a DIN range of 3-10, best for my wife.

Silly me, I want to change the innards between the bindings so I can put the bindings on the skis where the binding colors match the ski colors (Yellow bindings on silver/red Volants?...yech).

I'm an engineer and a machinist...I can figure out enough to keep the bindings safe.

Is there a simple way to swap innards?

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No expert on spring pulling here.
Seems you should be able to unscrew the
spring cover/tension holders(?) for
toe and heels, would watch out for
flying springs!
Color matching, yes, silly.
Are the two sets made from the
same materials? Or is the 8.0 metal
and the other plastic?
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umm you should be able to take the plastic casings off of the heel pieces and switch those to change the colors... no need to switch innards... last weekend i saw a look binding that had the plastic sheath on the heelpiece ripped off. there seemed to be a small button that you could use to take the plastic off... easy enough... not sure about the toepiece, but I know that the colored parts do come off... all of that's probably easier than switching the innards.

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The toe piece is easy to switch the spring and the scale.

I saw the button on the heel piece, but I can't get the plastic cover loose yet...I'll keep fiddling.

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The hole pattern should be the same, why not just remount them?
The toe springs will come out allowing you to change the toe wings and spring but your DIN scale would be totally wrong.
The heel should be able to unscrew off the the mounting track allowing you to change heel pieces.
If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about go to your local dealer and pay a pro.
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All I can say is... Oh my Gawd! Don't even bother. Suck up the difference in color and ski 'em. You don't want to risk you or your wifes knees messing with the bindings, even if you are an engineer and a machinist.

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If you have success, let me know. I'm probably gonna mount my new boards (hopefully troublemakers) with Look P10 lifters, but I really want the casings of the Look P12 Jibs to match the graphics of the Troublemakers.
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Well the answer is if you dont know how to do it, then you are not qualified!!!! And secondly you are anally retentive if you are that conserned about color. Personally if I was you I'd be more concerend about becominga better skier than how i look at the mountian.
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