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Snowboarding question

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Some people in my ski group want to snowboard too in the coming season. Are there ski resorts left that still ban snowboarding these days? Thanks. That should help my planning.
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Mad River Glen, Deer Valley, Alta - is Taos still or was it ever in that camp? maybe Vail?
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not vail
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mad river glen, Deer Valley, Alta, and Taos are the only places that still ban snowbards.
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hasn't Alta made some exceptions in the past (for AASI)? Personally I don't fully understand the reasoning behind the still standing bans (other than Mad River, I know the story, supposedly, but doesn't mean I agree with it). I would just think that after all these years and the influx of twin-tips into the market that the remaining areas would rethink their decision to ban snowboards.
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I vaguely recall there being an exception at Alta for snowcat tours off the back.
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At this point, each of those four has a niche, in far enough seperated markets, that it can be a marketing tool for them. why would thay turn around and allow snowboards...

don't get me wrong, I'd love to ride all four, but I think that the free the mountains movement has given up, accepting this fact...I'll still try to hike and poach MRG this year... if the snow works out
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