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Just want to give a quick word of thanks to all the folks here who helped me decide on new boards last year.

After several demos, I was torn between the K2 Axis X and the Bandit XX. Both rode very well so I left the decision up to the Bears and went with the Axis X. Last weekend was testimate to their versitility.

Skied bumps all day at Squaw on Friday and never felt inhibited by the skis. I was worried that they'd be too sluggish in the bumps but that is CERTAINLY not the case. They're quicker than I am.

Skied wet, gooey, sloppy, drippy fresh snow in the rain on Saturday. Stayed in the trees at Alpine most of the day due to low visibility. The K2's handled the heavy stuff like I was cruising the groomers. Best day of soaking-wet skiing I've ever had.

Monday was the clincher. The wet stuff froze overnight and then softened, leaving a mix of crunchy ice-balls, crust, soft powder, hardpack, and spring corn. When I say "a mix" I mean that you could find all those conditions in a single run. I purposefully sought out the worst snow on the mountain. I skied stuff under Headwall chair that was so chunky it sounded like glass breaking and never missed a turn. The K2's just plowed over it all while making those nice little round turns I remember from my demos.

Sweet skis. Thanks all.