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Elan SLX

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I just purchased at a swap meet a pair of 00/01 Elan SLX WC in 163 cm. I currently ski a 7 year old pair of Salamon 9000 2s in 192 cm (which I still like). What's the opinion of these Elans for eastern conditions.
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you may want to ask SLATZ about his experience on the elan HCX, which reccommended to me as an excellent all mountain ski here in the east, since im looking for a ski to play on when im not racing. I would assume that the SLX has similar qualities, but he may be able to add some insight to this.
They sound like fun skis [img]tongue.gif[/img]

ps. and if you decide that you dont like them, you can always donate them to the get Greg skis fund, it is always open for donations of short slalom skis.

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I haven't skied the SLX. I understand it's pretty specialized. I would think it would be good on ice. I tried a pair of Nordica SL skis 160 cm at Hood this summer. After awhile I found how to make several different turn shapes and the fun quotiant improved. I noticed the HCXs get a little squirlly on cattracks at speed. They like to be on edge to be stable. The smaller tail on the SLX may help that situation. Low to medium speed short turns should be a hoot. Let us know. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Used the slx as a sl race ski last season but olso found it to be a good allround ski Crud and Pow pow not its best suite. On hard snow this is my fav alround ski.
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