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Gear advice FAQ - Page 3

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OK, dchan and I have the details worked out so that I can update the FAQ. I'll do that this weekend. Any other comments before I do that?
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I see the last post in this thread was in August, so I may have missed the boat, but I wonder if there shouldn't be some mention of ski stiffness in the ski faq. There seems to be a major difference between soft skis and stiff skis, with soft skis being easier to ski at slower speeds, and stiff skis needing to be skied fast to get their best performance. As a newbie trying to pick the right ski to match my abilities, it's nice to know that the expensive ski I'm thinking of buying isn't going to ski any different than a much cheaper ski until it gets up to a speed that's probably faster than I'm comfortable skiing the whole mountain.
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I thought of adding a blurb like that when I wrote the section that I put together. Each category that I gave typically is divided up into a series of skis ranging from beginner skis to high level expert skis. I think that choosing a ski for your ability was somewhat the point of the FAQ, but I will have to re-read it. We did have a thread proposing changes and additions to the FAQ (maybe it was in this one) but none were suggested. It may be time that we add a similar section. If we get a few replies on this noting that it is a good idea, then I think it might be a worth while endeavor and I will write it up to go before or after the section that I have already put in.
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I'm not sure that I agree with the stiff versus soft characterization. As with other characteristics when taken in isolation, there are a number of exceptions to any rule (the long-running "discussion" of the Metron:B5's ability to carve at high speed is an example of this). Length also makes a significant difference (a stiffer ski skied shorter may perform very similarly in many conditions to a softer ski skied longer).

However, I think a section that describes the basic characteristics of a ski (longitudinal flex, tortional flex, sidecut and width, running length, turn-up, etc.) would be useful. I, too, have to reread it.
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skier information

I am not sure if this is the right thread, but it might be helpful to consider adding entries for height and weight in the skier profile forms so we can take a quick look when comparing skier and skis.

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Good idea...
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I have just modified the first post in the FAQ thread to change some of the boot section (and move it to the top). Your comments are welcome.
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