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Help: 159 Seth Pistol vs. 169 Seth Vicious for my Wife

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By even considering this question, I am breaking a cardinal rule of not demoing first, but I have the opportunity for a good deal and need to decide by Sunday or Saturday if possible.

I have been looking for a pair of 159cm 04/05 Seth Pistol's for my wife for a while. However, tonight I found a deal good for this weekend only on a pair of new Seth Vicious for $499 and am considering jumping at the deal, especially with a pair of P10's tossed in for under $120 or P12's for $150.

However, she is only 5'2", the Vicious only goes down to 169, and I am a little concerned about the longer length given her size and the fact the the primary use will be East Coast Powder Days and Jay Peak Glades. But I am considering them because of the better reviews the Vicious have been getting.

Could somebody with experience on both skis give me some feedback and opinions? Am I better off searching out the shorter Pistol or does the improved performance of the Vicious justify the extra work the length would be in the trees?

She is 5'2"
Strong athletic build (130)
Primary Use of the New Skis, Jay Peak Glades, East Coast Powder days and one to two weeks west per year.
Current Skis: Dynastar Omniglass 65 Slalom
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Both the Seth Pistol & the Seth Vicious are way too specialized for New England powder skiing, even for an average size male skier, in my opinion.

When skiing powder at a lift served resort, skiers will spend most of the day in-transit on groomed surfaces. Choose something more versatile.

Many other skis should be considered. The K2 T9 Phat Love* 160cm & Salomon Pocket Rocket 165cm are very versatile and will easily perform in the deepest snow. For a 130 Lbs user, a wide tip ski with a 74mm waist will work very well in deep snow.

Atomic M:10 plus Ti 171cm (122-74-108)
Dynastar Exclusive legend* 165cm (114-75-102)
Dynastar legend 4800 165cm (114-75-102)
Fischer Big Stix 7.6 165cm (115-76-100)
Fischer Big Stix 8.0 170cm (112-80-104) Twin Tip
Head Monster iM 75 Chip SR2 163cm (114-74-103)
Rossignol Scratch FS 168cm (110-80-103) Twin Tip
K2 T9 Phat Love* 160cm (122-90-112)
Salomon Pocket Rocket 165cm (122-90-115) Twin Tip

*Female specific models

The Fisher's look like the Best value leaders. The Fischer Big Stix 7.6 can be found on the web for $200 (03/04 w/out bindings) or for $418. with the Railflex binding system, click the link below.


Hope that helps!

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I know they are a very specific tool (I have a pair of Pistols in 179), but I have enjoyed them, and found them not a specific as one would think. She wants something similar and did NOT like the Phat Luv at all.

FYI: She also has a pair of Bandit's that she uses as a mid-fat/all mountain. We will likely replace them next year with something in the 75 to 85 range. So we really want a specific tool for this purchase...
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I was considering the Phat Luv for my 140 Lbs teenage daughter. What didnt your wife like about them?

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Isnt the Vicious a 130-98-118 sidecut? Looks like a snowboard to me...

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My wife skis a 160 fat luv for powder days and backcountry stuff. She is 5'-0" and 125 pounds. I bet that at 5'-2" your wife could ski a 169 ski, but it would be a bear in the trees. Why may I ask did she not like the phat luvs? I had to get my wife to look past the top sheet flower graphics, but after she straightlined a chute in which she normaly makes 15 turns with her other skis she was in "luv".
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I grew up skiing the Northeast, Aspen, and now Tahoe.

I owned last year]s Pistol and have skied the new Vicious quite a bit last spring and this summer. I love the Vicious. It's my everday ski most of the time.

However, I would not recommend the SV for the East coast mts and snow if it's your only ski.
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