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Bay area skiers - Huge Wine Tasting in SF this Sunday

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for those who like/love wine, this event can't be beat

hundreds of wineries pouring wines with the winemakers/family members present to answer questions & most of these wineries are not open to the public for visits in Napa/Sonoma, so unless you are in the wine trade, it's the only time you can actually get to meet the winemakers

it's the coolest wine tasting in the U.S. by far and usually you get the local celeb's wandering around (Robin Williams, Sammy Hagar, Sean Penn, George Lucas etc)

$35/ticket, Sunday noon to 4pm at Fort Mason

BUY TICKETS TODAY, Friday, to avoid the extra $10 door charge ($45/ticket at the door)

meet the people behind your favorite wines
+ get to try wines that cost $100/btl+ and drink as much as you like, they don't set limits

if you're single, it's one huge pick-up joint..... if you're married, it makes a nice place to take the wife or significant other for some quality time away from the kids


Participating Wineries
Family Winemakers of California Trade Tasting 2005

Winery names are linked to their web sites. (Final List)

Acorn Winery/Alegria Vineyards
Adastra Wines
Adobe Road Winery
Alfaro Family Vineyard & Winery New
Allora Vineyards New
Amazon Ranch New
Amici Cellars
Amphora Winery
Ancien Wines
Andretti Winery Napa New
Andrew Geoffrey Vineyards
Anglim Winery New
Annapolis Winery
Arbios Cellars/Praxis Cellars
Archipel Wines
Arger-Martucci Vineyards New
Arrowood Vineyards & Winery
Arroyo Robles Winery
Astrale e Terra
Aubin Cellars
Audelssa Winery
B.R. Cohn Winery
Bacio Divino Cellars
Ballentine Vineyards
Bannister Wines
Barclay & Browning Wines/Bettinelli Vineyards
Barlow Vineyards
Barnett Vineyards
Barreto Cellars
Beaucanon Estate
Beauregard Vineyards
Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves
Black Sheep Winery
Blue Rock Vineyard
Bokisch Vineyards New
Borra Winery
Bouchaine Vineyards
Bourassa Vineyards
Brassfield Estate Winery and Vineyards
Bravante Vineyards New
Bray Vineyards New
Broman Cellars
Brophy Clark Cellers
Brown Estate Vineyards
Brutocao Cellars
Burrell School Vineyards
Buttonwood Farm Winery
C.G. Di Arie Vineyard & Winery
Cafaro Cellars
Cain Vineyard & Winery
Calera Wine Company
Cambria Estate Vineyards & Winery
Carlisle Winery
Carmel Road Winery
Carneros Creek Winery
Carneros della Notte New
Carol Shelton Wines
Carver Sutro Wines
Ceago Estate Wines
Ceja Vineyards
Chalk Hill Estate Vineyards & Winery
Chameleon Cellars
Charles Creek Vineyard
Charter Oak Winery
Chatom Vineyards
Chiarello Family Vineyards
Christopher Creek Winery
Cinnabar Vineyards & Winery
Clark-Claudon Vineyards
Clautiere Vineyard New
Clayhouse Vineyard New
Cloud View Vineyards
Cole Bailey
Collier Falls Vineyards
Collins Family Wines New
Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards
Copeland Creek Vineyards
Corison Winery
Corte Riva Vineyards New
Cosentino Signature Wines
Crane Brothers New
CrauforD Wine Co.
Croze / Smith Wooton
Cuvaison Estate Wines
Dashe Cellars
David Girard Vineyards
Davis Bynum Winery
D-cubed Cellars
de Lorimier Winery
Deerfield Ranch Winery
Derbes Wines
Destino Wines
Diamond Terrace Vineyards
Domaine Alfred
Downing Family Vineyards
Duckhorn Wine Company
DuNah Winery
Dutch Bill Creek Winery
Dutton-Goldfield Winery
Eden Canyon Vineyards
Edmeades Winery
Ehrhardt Estates Winery
El Molino Winery
Elaine Maria Estate Wines
Elan Vineyards
Elke Vineyards
Elliott Family Cellars
Elyse Winery
Emilio's Terrace Vineyard
Eric Ross Winery
Esterlina Vineyards & Winery
Farella-Park Vineyards
Fiddlehead Cellars
Field Stone Winery & Vineyard
Fisher Vineyards
Flora Springs Wine Company
Flowers Vineyard & Winery
Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery
Fortress Vineyards New
Fotinos Vineyard, LLC New
Four Vines Winery
Frank Family Vineyards
Frazier Winery
Frias Family Vineyard
Frog's Leap Winery
Galante Vineyards
Gann Family Cellars
Garretson Wine Company New
Godspeed Vineyards New
Grgich Hills Cellar
Guilliams Vineyards
Gundlach Bundschu
Hagafen Cellars
Halleck Vineyard New
Handley Cellars
Hanzell Vineyards
Hartford Family Winery
Havens Wine Cellars
Heidrun Meadery
High Valley Vineyard New
Highlands Winery New
Hill Family Estate New
Hobo Wine Company New
Hopper Creek Winery
Howell Mountain Vineyards
Hunter Wine Cellars LLC New
Inman Family Wines
Inspiration Vineyards & Winery
J Vineyards & Winery
J.P. Harbison New
JanKris Winery
Jepson Vineyards, Ltd.
Jericho Canyon Vineyard
Jessie's Grove Winery
Jocelyn Wines
John Tyler New
Jordan Vineyard & Winery
Judd's Hill
Justin Vineyards & Winery
Keenan Winery
Keller Estate
Kendall-Jackson Vineyards & Winery
Kosta Browne Winery
Koves- Newlan Vineyards & Winery
Kuleto Estate
La Crema Winery
La Jota Vineyard Co.
Ladera Vineyards
Laetitia Vineyard & Winery
Lagier Meredith Vineyard
Lail Vineyards
Laird Family Estate
Lambert Bridge Winery
Lamborn Family Wine Company
Landmark Vineyards
L'Angevin Wines
Laraine Wines
Larkmead Vineyards
Laurel Glen Vineyard
Lava Cap Winery
L'Aventure Winery
Léal Vineyards
Ledgewood Creek Winery
Lehrer Family Vineyards
Lewis Cellars
Liparita Cellars
Littorai Wines
Lolonis Winery
Londer Vineyards
Long Meadow Ranch
Lost Canyon Winery
Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery
Lynch Vineyards
Lynmar Winery
MacLean New
MacPhail Family Wines
MacRostie Winery & Vineyards
Madonna Estate
Mahoney Vineyard New
Mantra Wines
Marimar Estate
Mariposa Wine Company
Marston Family Vineyard
Martin & Weyrich Winery and York Mountain Winery
Martinelli Winery
Matanzas Creek Winery
Mauritson Family Winery
McKenzie-Mueller Vineyards & Winery
Medlock Ames
Melville Winery
Merry Edwards Wines
Mi Sueño Winery New
Milliaire Winery
Miner Family Winery
Mojon's Bench Wines
Moss Creek Winery
Mount Eden Vineyards
Murphy-Goode Winery
Napa Cellars Oakville
Navarro Vineyards
Neese Vineyards
Nicholson Ranch
Nickel & Nickel New
Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery
Nord Estate Wines New
Nova Wines, Inc.
O’Brien Family Vineyard
Oakville Ranch
Old World Winery
Opolo Vineyards New
Outpost Wines New
Owl Ridge Wines New
Pacific Star Winery
Page Wine Cellars
Paloma Vineyard
Paradigm Winery New
Patz & Hall Wine Company
Paul Hobbs Winery
Peachy Canyon Winery
Peju Province
Perbacco Cellars New
Perry Creek Vineyards
Peters Family Winery
Piña Cellars New
Pisoni Vineyards & Winery
Preston of Dry Creek
Project 3000 New
Quady Winery
Quivira Estate Vineyards and Winery
Ramey Wine Cellars
Ramian Estate New
Ravenswood Winery Inc.
Red Car New
Renteria Wines
Renwood Winery
Revana Family Vineyard New
Reverie on Diamond Mountain
Reynolds Family Winery
Ristow Estate
Ritchie Creek Vineyard
River Run Vintners
Roar Wines
Robert Biale Vineyards
Robert Craig Wine Cellars
Robert Hunter Winery
Robert Rue Vineyard
Robert Sinskey Vineyards
Robert Stemmler
Robinson Family Vineyards
Rocca Family Vineyards
Rocking Horse
Rockledge Vineyards
Roessler Cellars
Romeo Vineyards and Cellars LLC
Rosenblum Cellars
Ruston Family Vineyards New
Rustridge Vineyard & Winery
Saddleback Cellars
Saint Helena Road Winery New
San Saba Vineyards
Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard
Saphhire Hill Vineyards & Winery
Saracina Vineyards/Atrea
Savannah-Chanelle Vineyards
Saxon Brown Wines
Schramsberg Vineyards
Schug Carneros Estate Winery
Seghesio Family Vineyards
Selby Winery
Shannon Ridge
Siduri Wines
Sierra Vista Vineyards and Winery
Signorello Vineyards
Silkwood Wines
Silver Pines Vineyards
Skewis Wines
Snowden Vineyards
Sobon Estate
Solis Winery
Spann Vineyards
Spelletich Cellars Family Winery
Spencer Roloson Winery
Spring Mountain Vineyard
St. Barthelemy Cellars
St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery New
Staglin Family Vineyard
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars
Starry Night Winery
Steltzner Vineyards
StoneFly Vineyard
Stonestreet Winery
Stryker Sonoma
Stuhlmuller Vineyards
Summers Winery
Summit Lake Vineyards & Winery
Sunset Cellars
Surh-Luchtel Cellars, Inc.
Swanson Vineyards and Winery
Tablas Creek Vineyard
Talisman Cellars
Tandem Winery
Terra Valentine
Terre Rouge & Easton Wines
Terremoto Cellars New
The Dierberg Family of Wines New
The Meeker Vineyard
The Terraces
Thomas Fogarty Winery
Three Families Winery New
Tin Barn Vineyards
Tin House
Toad Hall Cellars New
Tolosa WInery
Topel Winery
Trecini Cellars
Trentadue Winery
Truchard Vineyards
Tudor Wines New
Tulip Hill Winery
Turley Wine Cellars
Viader Vineyards & Winery
Victor Hugo Winery
Vina Robles
Vino Noceto
Vinum Cellars
Violet-Green Winery New
Vision Cellars
VJB Vineyards & Cellars
Wattle Creek Winery
White Oak Vineyards & Winery New
Whitford Cellars
Wildhurst Vineyards
Williamson Wines New
Willowbrook Cellars, LLC New
Woodward / Graff Wines
Work Vineyard
York Creek Vineyards
Yorkville Cellars
Zahtila Vineyards
ZD Wines
Zenaida Cellars
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I say James, please pass the Grey Poupon Mustard.
Give me a beer or whisky any day
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Originally Posted by tahoetr
I say James, please pass the Grey Poupon Mustard.
Give me a beer or whisky any day

it's nothng like that, it's -really- down to earth

most wineries in CA are owned and run by families and they think of themselves as glorified farmers
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That looks like quite a list. A wheel chair would be in order if I were to attend something like that!
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Originally Posted by paul jones
That looks like quite a list. A wheel chair would be in order if I were to attend something like that!
You are supposed to spit some of it out.

Trick is to head for the really good stuff and ignore the run of the mill.

I have been to a few charity wine tastings organised by a big wine retailer. They have one counter for fine wines which everybody who has been before makes straight for.

When you have given those wines a good seeing to (top notch burgundies and clarets), they have malt whiskies and vintage port on offer ! It can work quite cheap if you stick to the right drinks... and no I don't spit out the good stuff.

Unlike beer festivals, they are normally held in a decent gaff - a fancy hotel, rather than a rundown hall.

I am a beer drinker myself, but some friends are wine drinkers and some of them spend serious money on wine. I can find better ways of spending my money. I have constant battles trying to get them to drink in a proper pub rather than a poncey wine bar.

And there are usually attractive females in attendance at wine festivals - not just fat blokes with beards.
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Where are Almaden, Gallo, Franzia and all the other California vinyards I drink? I doubt you'll find a decent strawberry flavored wine at this show.
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I like to get my fair share!
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