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Volkl G3 Motion v X-Scream Series

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I've narrowed my choice of ski down to the G3 or the x-scream. Has anyone skied the G3 or has an opinion on how it would compare with the x-scream? I'm faily light (150) advanced/expert - don't mind sacrificing a bit of on piste for off piste performance - can ski quite hard but not 100% of the time. Also, I skied the crossranger a few years back which I loved, how would the G3 stack up against that?
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I demoed the G3 in March and have demoed the scream 4 times. I thought the scream is a higher performance ski. The G3 is just too soft for me at 184cm (I'm only 160lbs though). Didn't get a chance to ski the G3 on very hard snow though. The scream is just OK on icy snow which is my top priority. I planned to buy the 11.20 which I demoed the same day as the G3, but last week I happened across the G31 188cm at a swap and couldn't pass it up. The G31 and 11.20 are more racy in performance if that is your style.
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I really like the G30/G31, even though I ski the X-Scream Series. The G30/G31 feel more like a race ski when the snow gets harder

That's my results, too. I use the X-Scream Series as my everyday ski. When I tried the G31, it wasn't all that different a ride from the Salomon 'til I hit bullet-proof. The G31 seems to grip better and is a little more stable on long radius turns. The X-Scream feels a little quicker edge-to-edge but that might be because I'm used to them.

I don't worry all that much about the increased performance on ice. When it's rock-hard, I tend to live on the edge of the trail skiing sugar snow bumps... In the back seat flailing since I'm on X-Screams
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Folks, I know this is hair splitting, but there is no G3Motion. It's Vertigo Motion (the ski/binding system) or the G3EnergY(same ski, no binding).
I went for a G3 191cm with a Marker Piston binding. Don't expect it to be as tight on the rail as a G31, but that's the compromise. Keep'em sharp, that's all I can do. Never demoed, working strictly off of demo impressions of a dealer, who thought the G3 skied better with a Piston than the Motion setup. Ignorance, will it be bliss?
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Just want to be sure I'm not stating any ski is better than another. I skied the G3 for less than 3 hours. My demo impressions are often different from when I buy a ski use it for many days. It may be that I wasn't used to the Motion system as I'm used to race plates with no flex under foot. As for the X-scream, there is nothing wrong with a ski that can be enjoyed by both intermediates and experts. I was a Rossi fan for many years - they made recreational racing skis that were great for intermediates.

As for choosing a ski, wait and demo, I know it is hard to wait. The economy is going to be much worse this winter than was predicted when retail made their orders months ago. Don't be suprised to see lots of deals and plenty of stock come January, unlike last year.
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I've been flailing around on the X-screams since their mid season intro and I've yet to find a ski I like better for soft snow.I ski a 195 in the scream at 170 lbs; and however sloppy my technique may be, am expert level..inspite of how skiing mag rates my favorite ski.. I've demoed the G31 and G41 Volkls but in too long a length for me {193 and 188 respectively} to have much fun; so stiffness/length/width is critical with comparing these skis.. too bad we can't easily demo all skis in all lengths...
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I love the G30 (I ski the 193), but it and the G31 are much different from the current G3, as far as I understand. First, the sidecut on the G30/31 had a much "straighter" tail (92-mm) that didn't hook up as much as a ski with a wider tail like a Scream (96-mm). Some liked the narrower tail, because it allows the ski to run a bit straighter at high speed. I also think that it makes it a bit more predictable in the heavier crud (personal opinion). The G3 has a different sidecut (108-70-96) and a bit wider in the tail. I would imagine that this would make it behave more like the X-Scream, hooking up a bit more at the end of the turn.

Also the the G30/31 is the Volkl traditional Ti laminate construction, while the G3 uses the EnergY construction where basically a Ti cap is molded over the core. It still skis great, but it is by no means the same ski as a G30/31. I'm not sure, but isn't the core of the G3 a wood/foam combination, now?

Anyhow, with that being said, the X-Scream is the original do-it-all midfat. Everyone else is still trying to copy it. Is is also probably one of the safest buys for a strong Intermediate or more proficient skier. Get a Scream with a Sollie binding and get the extra year on the warranty. Who knows when those prolink cracks may start! ;^) (Sorry...I couldn't resist!)
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