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Dakine Vertex Winter Pack

Does anyone have this pack?
Is it sturdy for carrying skis?
Does it repel water nicely?
Would you recommend this to someone?

Reviews would be helpful, I found this pack at Tramdock.com for $50. I'm wondering if I should take it...
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I have dakine helipro 2. and i like it so if the vertex is like it buy it, a nice addition is a camelback resevoir
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I have the vertex and the heli pack (not helipro). I have used both and they are both nice. I end up using the heli more because it is smaller (I sometimes carry a camera and video, plus some snacks when I am skiing with my wife and son).

The vertex is more stable for carrying skis. I think it has a stiffer backpanel. I think it is a nice pack. No problems with moisture getting in, but I have only used it out west where the snow is very dry. I would recommend it highly.
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The vertex sounds like a good fit. I live out in Utah and ski Alta alot (dry snow). And I like to hike to the chutes there so I need something sturdy.
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