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Ortovox Recall !!!

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I ran across this on the TGR forum. Pass the word on.

M2 Recall:

"We're the PR guys for Ortovox and it's true that the M2 is being recalled. We were going to announce it next week when they had all the return systems dialed in, but now that the word's out, here's the party line.

As Bunion points out, there are no current standards among battery manufacturers for length, width and/or diameter. In fact, a pretty wide range exists. For users of any beacon brand, this means that a shorter battery can be dislodged from its housing by a sharp blow, turning the beacon off.

It's important to note that no failures of this type have been reported by an Ortovox M2 in the field. The only time I've seen it happen is sitting around a table with a bunch of beacons and several brands of batteries. If you strike the bottom of a beacon on the palm of your hand, you can occasionally dislodge the battery and shut it off. Note: This can be done with virtually every beacon brand. Ortovox feels this is an industry-wide problem, (and, to be totally honest, more of a battery problem than a beacon problem), but elected not to rat out all the other manufacturers when they met with the CPSC. BCA is ahead of the curve on this - a couple of years ago, they began putting a layer of soft rubber inside the battery door, which helps hold the batteries in place.

Ortovox could have fought the CPSC on the recall, but since this is a product that saves lives, they've erred on the conservative side and volunteered to retrofit any M2 with new battery contacts and a new door.

Ortovox is in the process of setting up the systems, so hang tough until next week. will have return instructions by this time next week, including a link that will allow you to print out a custom UPS label. Yes, Ortovox is paying for the shipping. There will also be an 800 number next week with instuctions. I'll post it when it's live.

Turnaround time will be 4-6 weeks, which should have you up and running by mid-October. If you're skiing deep powder in mid-October, please call me, because I'll be staying at your place.
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Long time since I logged on to Epic....

Reading this, I'm very happy I did though.
There's nothing on the Ortovox homepage yet, but I'm sure there will be.

Thanks for the heads up, offpiste!
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It's now official!
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