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New Rossi skis

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Any word or reviews of the new rossi skis. Saw in local shop. The shop buyer said they were the Bandit X with the PPS plate. They had turned up tails as well. Feed back would be nice as I want a more groomed snow biased ski than my Ten EX's. Also considering the Atomic racers (9.20, 9.16,9.12), Atomic (BR 11.20) and Atomic (11.16). Any other sugestions appreciated.

5'8" , 155 lbs, 19 years old, aggresive from PNW

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I have seen the new Rossi slalom skis. I believe they are next year's, but out in limited quantity this year. They are short ( the longest length is about 160) and have a much wider tip/tail than the previous T-power slalom skis. The graphics are about the same as the current model, with a rounder tip and no deflector. It reminded me a lot of the atomic 9.12, but looked much lighter.
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Look at this thread. It describes the two models with plates build on the Bandit X & XX.
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