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I've been following many of the threads regarding the Atomic Metron series, most notably the B5 (I'm jealous of you bastards that have these boards! ). One bit of information that caught my attention was the two binding positions available on the Neox bindings: Forward and Centered.

I've got a set of the 2003 C:9's (pre-pulser) with the Device 412 bindings. Are these capable of similar positional settings? I'm still a newbie to the gear geekdom, with boots and bindings being particular points of ignorance.

I'd also like to thank all of the dedicated Bears, especially SSH, Phil P., Atomicman, and Atomic_9.18 (not to exclude anyone). The insights you guys have provided in all things Atomic has been a great help, and your lauding of the Metron skis a particular point of inspiration. Keep up the steady flow of information!