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I've got an idea...

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During the winter I am a season's pass holding college student with no car. I am usually able to make it to the hill without too much hassle, but I know that many other students have trouble finding a carpool.

Throughout all seasons I (and many other, I'm sure) take many interesting skiing, hiking, canoeing and camping trips. I like to share my pictures and stories/logbook as well as route info with all those who are interested. I love getting questions and comments about my little excursions.

The only problem is that this tends to be kind of difficult. CCed emails are a pain in the ass, and it's tough to find somewhere free online to share it all. In addition, I know a lot of people like to get out there, but don't really know where to start.

That's why I thought creating a website for my local area combining the above ideas would be a cool thing to do. Sort of a carpool listings to hills in the area, plus an outdoor adventure/trip report blog complete with somewhere to upload your pictures.

Would you find something like this useful if it was created for your area? Would you tell your friends about it?

I've got most of the skills needed to create such a site, but I'd really like some feedback on the idea before starting. And this is the best place I could think of to ask. So please, comment.
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You might find it is a good way to suck advertisement $$ from large area resorts (just the businessman in me). Then you could buy a car, sell the company you created to a large conglomerate, invest your earnings, and be a life long ski bum - living off the interest in your moderately small - yet conveniently located mountain chalet.

All that fantasy aside, it sounds like a great idea as long as you can keep your overhead down, or find a way to draw some sort of revenue from it. You may find it useful to start as a ski club and branch out. Start a relationship with a few close resorts and go from there.


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