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Coombs ski carrying system . . .

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I alwyas carried my skis in an a frame postion. But I bought the Marmot Eiger36 pack and i keep reading about securing your skis diagnolly across the pack using the coombs ski carrying system, a unique system of straps. well thats great and all but , call me dumb , i cant figure it out i think. Anyone have a picture that can show me how it is done? Would appreciate it.
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I don't know about the "Coombs" system, but most of the newer ski packs are set up to carry the skis diagonally or A-frame style. It keeps the tails from hitting you in the back of the knees, the tips from digging in overhead in steep climbing, doesn't catch as much wind, and is basically more stable because of the lower center of gravity. Plus in a fall it is easier to self-arrest without your ski tails jacking you around. The only drawbacks are that they don't do well in tight chutes, and if you turn around real quick you can whack your partner. It is also nice to be able to "plant" you pack with the tails in the snow on a steep slope, which doesn't work too will with a diagonal carry.

I have messed around with it and my experience has been that if the straps that come on the pack are not set up to do it, there is not a good stable way to diagonally carry them without yards of additional straps that are more trouble than they are worth. If you find an easy way to do it I would be interested in knowing what it is. If you are dumb then I'm right behind you.
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I've got that same pack, but don't think I have any pictures of myself carrying skis with it. It's really as easy as sliding your skis into the large loop at the bottom of the pack, then securing them with the strap on the top opposite corner (don't use the compression strap by mistake). It even works with your boots in the bindings for those long approaches in hiking boots.

I like the system because it's fast and easy and I don't hit the skis with my legs. But it can be a bit tough when bushwaking to have the skis coming of to the side of you.

If no one else comes up with a picture I'll try to take one this weekend, was thinking about going skiing anyway
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Thanks for the info guys. Shit, wish I could go skiing :! Pic would be cool if you get the time. I can still carry them a frame style with it.
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