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Tahoe California Season Passes

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I noticed the Utah season pass thread and thought I'd poll what bears are doing locally.

I am buying the Kirkwood $399 unrestricted pass rather than the 7-day with blackouts at $299 or midweek pass at $199. Considered the $429 Sugarwood pass, but don't like the no saturdays or holidays.

Also will have the Sierra / Northstar double wammy pass for $299 and vertical plus (special members gates to lifts and frequent flyer miles). I get $50 off the vertical plus every year as part of the vertical benefits.

So for less than $700 I have passes to 3 ski areas and no days that I can't ski as long as the roads are open. All in all, we have it pretty good here in the Tahoe area. Someday, I would really like to get a Squaw Valley pass, but at $1300 it is nearly as steep as the ski area.
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I'm doing the Mt. Rose $299 pass and the Sugarwood $449 Sun-Fri pass. I'll ski in the backcountry on Saturdays and Holidays when the masses are up. Rose is right up the road for me, so that's a no brainer. Sugar Bowl and Kirkwood are my two favorite resorts in the Tahoe area for the combination of steep terrain, mellow scene, and easy access to lift assisted backcountry.
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Sierra/Northstar for us this year, cost is a factor but also we can use the pass 7 days a week which is mighty helpful.
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I purchased my 05 06 Squaw pass in May or June.

Mt Rose pass gets purchased this Sept for the $300 deal.

Colorado Pass $300 next week too: my current g/f lives in Denver.
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