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Need help picking first skis for the girlfriend.

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Hopefully someone can help me pick out my girlfriend's first pair of skis. She is 5'9'' and 130 lbs. Last year she skied about five times and did pretty well once I got her in some boots with a proper fit. She bought some Salomon Performa's at the end of last season. I'd say she is an advanced beginner and I would probably buy her something around 150 cm.

I'm not that familiar with the ladies ski lines but there appear to be some really good deals at Cupolos.

Suggestions from this link would be really helpful.


Are the Dynastar Exclusive 8 and the Atomic B:7 not enough ski to grow with? Is the Dynastar Exclusive 10 too much of a ski? Any opinions or suggestions on those ladies Rossi's? Of course the length is up for discussion as well.

Thanks for taking a look at my post and any input will be sincerely appreciated.

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Where do you like to ski? East coast, West Coast, Rockies?

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I wish I could answer that we live in the West or Rockies but we live in the mid west. However I take a couple of western trips every year and I'm sure she will accompany me sooner or later. I would be more interested in a ski with good edge hold and confidence than something that floats in powder.
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Randall, have her demo some skis...this way she can try several different skis in several different lengths to see what is best for her.

Until she is able to do that, pick up one of the cheaper pair that Cupolo's is selling with a binding...anything has to be better than rentals. This one looks pretty good for someone just starting out http://www.cupolosports.com/dynolaskibip.html
It's price is right too...that way, she uses these for a year, or maybe less then demos and you won't feel so bad.
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Another good low cost, easy to learn on ski is the K2 T:9 True luv or older T:9 X models (without the goofy name). I found an 03/04 T:9 X (168 size) for $80 this summer. Check the dimensions (111-70-101) to verify the model, regardless of year. This ski could last 2 years.

A ski that she could learn on, but not outgrow, is the Volkl 4*. These are easy to use, but provide outstanding performance. My teenage daughter has the Gamma Supersport (a similar ski). She is a coed in Vermont and is very happy with its performance.

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By looking under another header, I did find a good bargain at Cupolo.

Check out http://www.cupolosports.com/dyin71sk1.html

the Dynastar Intuitiv 71 is a very good intermediate ski for Lake Tahoe or the Rockies.

The real kicker here is the Look P10 bindings. This is a $130.00 binding on eBay, yet the whole package is $199.00.

That's a good deal!

157cm & 167cm sizes are available. the 157cm would be a good size at 130 Lbs.

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My girlfriend is a solid intermediate skier now and last season she was a solid beginner in my opinion. For her b-day last year about this time, I bought her a pair of Exclusive 10's from Jay at cupolo's. She loves them. I was concerned that they would be too much ski at first, but she was able to use them just fine right from the get go. Now she is just starting to lay out true carves on flatter terrain, and is venturing into moguls. She is about 5'7" 130 - 135lbs. I got her 150's to be safe. I suspect after this year she will be in store for new skis and possibly boots.

I'd go in the exclusive or agyl direction for now. Once her skills develop, let her try some other skis. Note how she skis on each ski though. Two years ago I demoed skis with my father. His vote was for the Fischer RX6, but he skied the best on the Salomon Crossmax 10, which he claimed he did not like - i think because it made him ski properly since he could not rely on the stiffness of the ski.


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Does anyone know if there were any changes between the 2004 and 2005 Dynastar Exclusive 10? I sure wouldn't mind saving the $80 and going with the 2004. Also just hoping for some confirmation that they only difference between to Exclusive 10 Spice and Active is the graphics.



Anyone know about the Atomic B7? It's a bit wider in the waiste.

Thanks to everyone for their help,
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last years Volkl supersport gamma is a good ski which should last her well I think. Though Im sure il be corrected if im way off mark. Should be able to get some cheap in the sales
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