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New Copper website

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Just was notified that Copper has launched a new winter web site. Pretty cool, I think.
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Well, the important thing (to me) stayed the same. Lift ticket prices for 70+ are FREE Monday through Thursday!

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Nice but a bit loud!
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Ott, ya mon!

Kima, I noticed that, too. But, the video played pretty well, I thought. What did you think? I haven't dug around the site at all, though...
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I was on a call, the sound came on, Yikes. Had to shut it off, fast.
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Oh.. I guess we did. Interesting.

There have been some pretty big behind the scenes changes as well. We used to do the hosting through a company in Denver. Starting with the summer website we moved the hosting in-house. As part of that, many elements on the site were changed. The menus used to be this horrible Flash stuff and now they're just Javascript. The online reservations are pretty slick now too.
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speaking as a skier working as a web developer to support my skiing addition, definite improvement over last year. much cleaner and faster.

although, for my money; the beaver creek winter flash intro. is still the best. wish i could get that on cd.
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