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Oh My.. TRC's..here's what to do.When they DO delaminate....AND they probablly will..simply yank this piece off..turn it sideways..and glue it ACROSS near the tip of the ski..and trim to fit....or to fatten them up..if you're gonna try and fix the delam..while you're at it..simply lay up a bit more glass..and fatten those puppies up.AND if they do that torsional weakness..with the bases popping out..you are IN LUCK!you can probablly yank off on even bigger piece..and save the mat/cloth resin!.Don't even worry about edges..I skiied on ancient skiis without edges..so can anyone else.
As for Bob Barnes suggestion about moving the bindings..1 1/2 to 2'..forward..again this is simply not neccessary..and a lot more work than my way.Go to a hardware store..and buy a metal cutoff blade for your power saw.Just nip these suckers off right behind the boot..THEN you can have a pair of tailess skiis.like those Beestingers..
The pine tar is good though!
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Well anyway, I ended up with a pair of Völkl P40 Race Carver's for only $15 On of the tips is delaminating so I'll need to work som magic on that, but otherwise they're in pretty good condition. Came with race quality Saloman Bindings too. Hopefully It'll snow before the weekend so that I can get used to em before I go to the hiring clinic at the mountain. Are any eastern areas other than Tenney open yet? I've been busy with school and haven't been paying attention as much as in past years.

Anyway, thanks to the people who gave me real advice. And to the folks who think that anytime someone disagrees with their infallible position that it MUST be troll, well... I just shake my head, and hope for a better world.
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You can't go wrong at that price. The bindings alone are worth more than that. I still think that you'll like 'em well enough that they'll become your regular skis before long. Good luck in the hiring clinic - have a fun season teaching.

I never thought this was a troll. I have a number of Luddite friends who have yet to embrace the current ski technology. One is still on a pair of 215 cm Rossi Haute Routes, another brings out his old Head Standards once in a while just for grins.

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Yo Jim,
You should check the link posted earlier where Saddlebackattack aka CUM erritt tried the same post on the Powder board and then tells all that he's gonna try blowin' hot air up our asses over here and see who's more adept at catching him. Pretty much settles any doubt, huh? He's still posting as CUMerritt, from Boulder. I don't know what his motives are other than a childish stunt to impress the powder board gang, but I would expect more from an engineering senior, formerly Eagle Scout, like an apology to those who sincerely tried to help a fellow skier with an equipment problem that was totally fictitious. How 'bout it, Sears Merritt?
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Dark Horse,
He did apologize its in the his post about looking for new skis. I am 99% sure this post is legit. So if you want to complain take it to the false post. Your making just as much of an ass of yourself whining about it as cumerritt did in writing it.
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Originally posted by Dark Horse:
Yo Jim,
You should check the link posted earlier where Saddlebackattack aka CUM erritt tried the same post on the Powder board ...
These ARE NOT the same person. SB is probably serious when he is asking this question about "shaped skis" because all he has ever had were "straight skis". SB is our good old friend MittersillManiac.
To quote myself from another thread:
Saddlebackattack aka
MittersillManiac aka
Alistair Means (real name)
aka cainamllisrettim on other forums and who knows what other names he uses or has used.
.... MM, SB or whatever you want to call him really does ski only on straight skis. I actually skied with him a year ago. He is not a bad skier, but not as great as he wants people to believe. I have not known him to be a ski patroller as he claims in his profile, nor a ski instructor, but who knows, maybe he took a course. I really don't think that MM/SB does what he does to get on people's nerved or to be cruel in any way. I really believe that he just can't help himself.
He has denied that he was one and the same on several ocassions, but his post on the "Scotland this winter's first descents?" proves it at least in my opinion.
Originally posted by saddlebackattack:
And thumbs up from a Means (sept of Clan Menzies, of the Weem Aberfeldy area of the Highlands).

I too have already had turns. on the 4th at Tenney Mountain, and on the 23rd at Saddleback Mountain (freak snowstorm, dropped just enough to ski with rock skis,lots up top but very very thin at the bottom).

He does not mean to be as arrogant and ill-informed, I am convinced of that.
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Right you are, I got confused by following someone's link; someone who was also confused by two members each posting similar threads and using multiple identities. So I'm sorry to Saddlebackattack or Mittersillmaniac for lumping you in with the other guy, since your posting does indeed seem genuine.
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...looks like I hafta remind you cubs that this whole thread is a laughingstock of a troll from someone whose origin ought to be obvious from the satirical statements made in the opening post.

fools. complete, utter fools.
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I wouldn't want a tennis instructor who secretly believes that small wooden racquets hit better, and I don't want a ski instructor who secretly believes that long straight skis ski better. Either assertion flies in the face of physics, common sense, and 10+ years of evidence to the contrary.

With instructors like this guy it's a wonder anyone learns to ski. Unfortunately I've seen this bad, and worse, out there.
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Originally posted by saddlebackattack:

My question is pretty specific.

Which shaped skis, out of the way too many that are out there, behave most like straight skis?

I have to buy a pair (don't have to be new, just shaped) but I also don't want to cheat.

I already know how to ski the new technique, I just choose not to, but what I don't know is the first thing about which skis might serve my purpose.

I'm going to a ski swap on saturday and I don't have a clue what to look for. All I know is that when it comes to sidecut less is more.

Could people maybe share what skis they're on right now and see if we can all figure out what I should do (besides all the usual imperitives to "get stuffed")?
Troller? I would think so, but I have interacted with too many instructors in training clinics with this very same ..err.. viewpoint. It takes a season. Sometimes two. Experience is the best teacher. I'm staying outta this one
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Keep it going! This thread is too much! Hey SBA, how bought some pix? Action shots? Gear shots? Anything at all? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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MM/SB I have to admit as much as you piss off anyone that has ever met you, or read a thread written by you you do keep it interesting. First you spend 2 years pontificating about straight skiis and running ASC through the wringer. Now you want to work for ASC and on shapped skis! What happened to your gig as a ski patroller at Saddleback?

I guess we can now expect osama bin laden and "George Dub'Ya" to spend a weekend together with MM snowboarding
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Any doubts that Saddlebackattack is actually M/M and has returned to mock all of us from afar will be revealed by a careful review of some of his posts.

Your honor, I request the court consider the following quote from HERE as exhibit "A":

Doubtful if I could go, unless my resort (Saddleback) sent me as a representative. ...I'd like to check out Jackson Hole and see if it's any good compared to the East , or to the resorts I've been to out west and in Europe. It's doubtful in January however, because I'm still in college and I'll have classes.
. : :

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury...
"...I'd like to check out Jackson Hole and see if it's any good compared to the East..." : Are these words not designed to mock us? Is THIS THREAD ALONE not conclusive evidence of a premeditated TROLL? I think you're all intellegent enough to come to a unanimous decision on this one.

The prosecution rests.
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Here is the absolute proof MM is Sb

[ November 13, 2003, 07:19 PM: Message edited by: goose ]
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Wow. Is this guy for real?? : :
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Originally posted by Nightingale:
Wow. Is this guy for real??
I don't think so. Sometimes his posts are worthy such as the one posted HERE.

But often they are mocking trolls such as THIS particular thread, as well as This One and That One

He has put out some pretty tasty bait though, hasn't he? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

But whenever his alter ego is exposed, he seems to go into hiding until the heat is off. Come on Mittersill Attack, fess up!! We know you're watching. You had a good run, but it's time to come clean.

You pulled off some good tricks, but the jig is up!! END THE MADNESS, Confess NOW! [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

[ November 14, 2003, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: Carvemeister ]
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I hear he is coming to the "Eastern Tune-Up" to give lessons on proper "Old-School" technique.. :
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