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Skier's Edge Ski Trainer

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Does anyone have one of the Skier's Edge ski trainers? They are advertised in the ski magazines and I got the video and brochure from them. Thinking of buying one to keep me in shape and it is sport specific.

Any opinions on them would be appreciated.

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Three things...

a) Get the all mountain master. It's the most flexible package and best value.

b) Buck up for the grab bar right up front. If you don't it'll cost you more in shipping to get it later.

c) Ask for a factory second/blemish model.
They're mechanically the same but could have an imperfect finish or something. Frankly, on mine I can't tell what the blemish is. I paid $675 for mine with another $150 for the grab bar later.
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I think someone is selling their Skier's Edge or trading it for skis under classifides.
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Definitely worth it, if you use it! I've seen dozens of people buy them , use them for about a week, and then give up. I have been using them , off and on since about 1973, and I can honestly say, they do work. And believe me, the new ones are much better than the originals!

Good advice! Get the front hand bar, it'll make your progress much faster, then graduate to the poles. Watch the video closely- it'll give some great examples of good technique.

Use it for 100 hours this summer, and you'll be blown away by the improvement you'll have on day 1!

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I also looked into them last year. they kept mailing me thru the summer with bigger & bigger price reductions.I would hang on as long as possible and then call and give them a number you are willing to spend.I never did make the purchase but as I recall, by August they came down in price a good bit.
Hey, I just noticed your last name. I also am a Webb.I'm located in Phila.,Pa.

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I actually have a routine that I try to stick to.

At 7:00pm I go into the living room and turn on either friends or This Old House Classics, depending on which episodes are playing and I get on the Skier's edge for 2 or 3 commercial breaks.

I finish up with my Ab Roller, which is actually a pretty damn good "whole body" workout that hits everything down to the upper legs, and some pushups.

A nice warm shower and I'm done by 8:00 and ready to watch some boob tube. :
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TyWebb get the all mountain master like nakona said ,I don't know that I would buy the bar I don't even use the poles but every one else that uses it does,we had one person that we had to put it near a counter to make it where they could use it but that was only for about three days ,I bought one back in december to get ready for a trip in febuary & I wish I had bought it sooner,but I was looking for a good deal on ebay,I had three adults, and a 5 & 12 year old boy,all never evers. this machine helped every one.it improved my balance greatly.I used it atleast 30 minutes a day & kept moving the pads closer together & increasing the resistance until I had it set as high as it would go & the pads as close as they would go in the powder mogul setting.when you can do that with no poles you got it wipped but it took several weeks some days I would total 2 hours on the machine.I keep mine in the living room & plan on using it year round.if you buy the powder mogul master kit the only way they will sell it is with the bar but after using this thing a lot I don't know if the single large pad would work that much better than the single pads close together but I definitely recommend a skiers edge but get a new model series four I saw a lot of people on ebay paying stupid money for old ones not as usefull as the new ones usually within 100.00 of what they could buy a new one with a warranty & be able to send it back in 30 days if they did not like it.the older ones are classic paralel carvers with the foot pads tied together but the new ones have independant movement & you can adjust the mounting width of the pads as you improve.the company is even going to quit making the old style foot pad attachment.
looking for next season bteddy
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Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion. I am about ready to get one but I can't get anyone to answer the phone at the company.

To those of you that have Skier's Edge, how is the customer service with them. I call and call and try every extenstion I can and all I get is voice mail/recording. I leave messages and send email but they are not very prompt with a response.

Any input on the company and more opinions on the Skier's Edge are appreciated.


Its 96 degrees today in Indiana and I am going to watch some Warren Miller to cool off!
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Nakona, You do about the same workout as I, but ditch the ab roller and do bicycle cruntches. Bicycle cruntches have been proven to be 250% more effective than the ab roller, which rated just above regular cruntches. My Skiers Edge machine is 5 years old and I blow out the belts every 8 or 9 months. The last replacement ran $85. This machine is great for developing the abs, glutes, hams and quads. If you have any back problems, the muscles that support the back are stengthened by this machine. I used to wonder why I only had back problems during the off season until I used the Skiers edge year 'round. As for using it in the living room, I wouldn't recommend that as the belts slough off particles that are messy and hard to remove from carpeting.
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I have a skiers edge as well - no bar, just the poles, which I'm happy with. It's set up in front of the TV in the basement so I can watch ski movies while using it.

I had no problem ordering mine - I placed the order over the phone and picked it up a few hours later - but their office/warehouse is only a few miles away from me. I haven't had any problems requiring customer service since then.
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Bruce -

The bicycle crunches may be more effective than the ab roller for abs, but the ab roller works more than just the abs.
It works abs, back, chect, shoulders and arms, all at the same time.
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