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I became a better skier than my father around 12 or so, mostly due to a bum knee (he's due to have both knees replaced this winter). That said, he's still skiied stuff that is likely at the edge of or beyond my ability, so I consider him a better skier at his peak.
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I'm expecting it this season.

I'm still faster, but that's due to the laws of gravity and inertia!

He says I cheat 'cause I have poles!!!
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I'm not as good as I once was. But I'm as good once as I ever was.-Toby Keith
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If you ski at a small local mountain its easy to tell when your kid surpasses you by how you and your kid are referenced. At Mt. Ashland they used to call my kid "Rio's kid" but started calling him Rio and referring to me as "Rio's dad."
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My daughter became a better skier than i around 12 or so not because of who could beat who down the hill (which is unthinkable) but by the grace of skiing technique in all conditions.

We raced in a controlled nastar course and i never did better than a silver in my bracket. She of course got a gold pin. Such a naturally fluid skier. Makes me sick with mixed emotions.
Actually i hope she never decides to ski with the big dawgs hucking cliffs, racing down the front four or chasing squirrels down spiral staircases in trees.

I pray
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Not yet. My daughter is 4 now and last winter started with cross-country and is really enjoying that. This summer she keeps asking "When there will be a snow again, dad?" and "is there still a snow at glacier, dad?". Just yesterday her question was "and when will I ski down a hill, dad?". So, I gues that my time as better skier is getting shorter and shorter. Anyway, I dont mind and actually looking forward for the time when she will be able to keep up with me on the slope and in the track :-).
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The horror, the horror!!!

My post should be under ski confessions...My son and I started skiing at the same time, he was 11yrs old then. It took him all of a year to out ski my sorry old arse!

However, after 13 years of skiing under my belt (along with the same amount for my son), with numerous lessons to my credit I think I'm ready to challenge my cocky, smartass son. I feel i'm every bit the man he is for a least a couple of minutes...all I need is 30 seconds :
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After she started at 8 years old, my daughter passed me on straight up time in the race course at 13. But else where on the mountain, she is still 1 to 2 years behind.
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When my family moved to MA, I started skiing when I was 6 (my brother was 9). My father had learned to ski in college and decided if we lived in MA, we (my brother and I) were going to learn to ski. We didn't really ski too much the first couple years, but at about 10 I was out skiing my father and at about 12, I was restricted to my local little hill because my father would no longer ski with me because he couldn't keep up, however, he at least made sure I always had access to the hill. At that point my brother didn't ski very much any more, and I became obsessed.

About 5 years ago, my brother and I started vacationing out west every year because we never did as kids, and my brother got hooked again and has become my best student. I can honestly say his skiing has gone up leaps and bounds in the past couple years.

About 2 years ago, we convinced my father to get back on the horse, but his ego would not let him acknowledge his own ago and years away from skiing (as well as changes in technique and technology). Needless to say he didn't last very long on the slopes, and was quite disappointed with his performance, but for my brother and I, it was more important that we were back on the snow with my father for the first time in about 10-12 years.
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My daughter will never catch up to me (myself being just your typical, intermediate Sunday skier, but with an absolute passion for this sport) because:
1. She switched to snowboarding a couple of years ago
2. Even though she likes it, she in not passionate about it and is not focused on improving
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Warren Miller "for excatly one day in your life you kid will ski just as good after that they will be better"

I really like the "rio's dad" comment to so true.
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My son - now 19 years old - was a better skier than I from the age of 7. If I could ski now the way he skied then, I would feel that I'd died and gone to Skiers' Heaven.

He is not passionate about skiing or playing tennis and rarely does either. However, whenever he does, from a cold start, he's way ahead of me. If he actually wanted to do something either with skiing or tennis, he'd be outa sight. Tons of skill, but no excitement for the sports . . . and here I am, TONS of excitement for both of the sports with little natural ability for either. There's no justice, no justice.
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P.S. In some spheres, age and treachery will overcome youth and skill. Not in skiing. Maybe in tennis if a person once had the chops.
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He might get down faster than me this year, but it will be a couple of years till he is better than me. Or at leat I hope.
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Our trip shed some light on this subject last February. Matt is 17 now and 16 then. Among the skiers at his HS he is tops. But not around me, untill MRG. Our first day he kicked my @$$. I just couldn't put it together. He was waiting for me each break. I'd get tired in the bumps and just fall apart. He pissed me off. I am the better skier! Well that day, I was stopped bent over, resting on my poles and I surrendered to his skill.

The next day I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed. I had left all my stuff: helmet, goggles, gloves and other right on the table when we left. MRG collected it for me so I had to do another day.

Something clicked that day and I feel that I regained my title. That little bastard could not ski as well as me! The day before had been an abomination.
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My kid and I started skiing at the same time. She was 5 and I was 35. Since I didn't trust my skills as a new skier, I always put her in ski camp with her friends. Ski camp is 5 hours of skiing with several instructors for vs. my overcroweded hour group lesson lesson with other adult beginners. Guess who advanced quickly......

When the family vacations, we get her a 2 hour private so that she'll have someone with her when she does the runs that her parents won't go near. I swear that next summer is the one where I go to summer ski camp with her.
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On an off topic note: My 10 year old now can out-climb me on my mt. bike, if I have my 7 year old on the bike trailer behind me. It won't be long before he's out-climbing me outright on mountain bikes, without a trailer attached.

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I was almost always faster than my Dad because I never had any fear, even before I had any technique. After I started racing (around age 9) it was all over; Dad didn't stand a chance. Same for my sister, who's 2 years older than me.

One day, when I have kids, I hope they exceed my skill and speed the same way.
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Originally Posted by oboe
P.S. In some spheres, age and treachery will overcome youth and skill. Not in skiing. Maybe in tennis if a person once had the chops.
I'm guessing that this particularly applies to lawyers Oboe...
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Originally Posted by slider
I'm not as good as I once was. But I'm as good once as I ever was.-Toby Keith
Sorta like "Now it takes me all night to do what I used to do all night."

This past winter my 15 yr old daughter dared me to climb to a barely skied chute left of the Downhill tram at Snowbasin and then skied it way better.

Nothing is more fun or more frustrating than following their little butts down the hill.
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Not yet, but could be soon. I have been told I am a level 8. I would say that last season my daughter (age 12) went from a level 3 to a level 6/7 (somewaht variable with her confidence and familiarity with the hill. I assume her growth will plateau a bit this year, but if not then she will easily pass me by next year. We'll see.
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