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Giro Fuse?

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Ive read alot of articles about skiing injuries that could be prevented by a helmet. Before the season starts i will buy a helmet. Ive heard that the Giro Fuse Audio is very good. Is it, and do the "tuneups" work, are they loud, and with the one that accepts a cell phone, does the mic work well
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For years, I was kicking as screaming that I would not get a helmet. I got one this year, a Giro Fuse. Every excuse I used for not gatting a helmet, hot, visability, heavy and cumbersome were nixed by the Fuse. It is a great helmet. I plan on adding a tuneup set of flaps this year for everyone in the family (we all got Giros this year). I have no idea how the phone set-up works adn quite frankly I do not care. It might work well, but on what ski area do you get good enough reception to use it.
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One of the things I discovered when shopping for my helmet was that some helmets fit my head better than others. Much as certain brands of ski boots suit the shape of your foot better than others, so it is with helmets and the shape of your head. I'm no expert, but a good fit is snug but not tight, and the helmet should not ride up exposing your forehead. If you're trying on helmets do it with goggles - goggles sometimes changes the a helmet sits on your head.

I did see one helmet last year that had some kind of adjustable band inside (I can't remember who makes it), but with that exception, there's very little (other than adding some additional padding here and there) that you can do to alter the fit. Just my opinion, but if you have to make it fit, then it isn't a good choice.

I liked the Giro helmets, but they just didn't fit me well.
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Giro Fuse ROCKS! (a) Fits my skull. (b) Light. reeeeeally lite. (c) Has on-the-hill vent adustment lever, and the earflaps are removable. (d) I prefer it to a hat, just for the COMFORT!!!!!!
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I replaced my Carrera with the Giro Fuse this year. And Phil, you had to land on your head first to decide it was finally helmet time.

Keep in mind either the Nine or the Fuse will fit depending on the shape of your head. Either one can be fitted with the tune-ups. I find I can use my standard MP3 earphones without a problem (rarely do). So, you may be able to save a few bucks just trying our what your already have. The tuneups just have a little more elegant concealed wiring.

A number of us got that deal from Steep and Cheap where they were selling the 2003 Fuse for $54.00 including shipping. I really like mine. Lighter and cooler than the old Carrera.
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
And Phil, you had to land on your head first to decide it was finally helmet time.
Don't confuse me with the facts
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Giro helmets are great. I've had the Nine.9 for a couple years and I picked up the '03 Fuse from Steep and Cheap for this season. You can take of the ear pads and use these helmets for biking and skating, too.

And Giro's customer support is excellent. I lost one of the vent plugs and they sent replacements at no charge! I even asked for an extra set. No problem.
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Got a Giro 9 last season, love it, hope it never hits the ground or those tall things called "trees".
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Giro Nine/9

My wife has a Fuse which she 'loves'. I have two helmets, a Carrera and a Giro Nine/9. The reason I have two is because the Carrera is much warmer and I use it on cold weather days and certainly is cozy. So the Nine/9 is used for warmer conditions with all the plugs out and ear flaps off. It's hardly noticeable, unlike the Carrera. In this setup it's easy to use my standard headphones on the Nine/9, impossible on the Carrera. Oh well.
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My wife has the Nine.9 and I also picked up the Fuse from Steep and Cheap last year to replace my heavier Boeri.
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im so getting one
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I have the fuse and love it. but as mentioned above, each manufacturer's design fits skulls a bit differently so you really should try on a few different brands first to make sure they fit right. If it looks cool and has great features but gives you a headache, not so good.:
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I also became a "helmet head" last season after years of going without. I have the Giro Fuse II with the audio tune-ups. Since everyone has already mentioned how great the helmet is, I'll add that the tune-ups do a great job too. It includes a number of different jacks to interface with a bunch of different phones. I like being able to answer a call by simply hitting the remote button that clips to my pack strap. With some phones you can place calls almost as easily (with voice commands).

Note that quite a few manufacturers now have Bluetooth enabled helmets this year (Marker has a nice one). Combined with a Bluetooth phone (with MP3 capability like my Audiovox SMT5600 with a 1GB SDRAM stick) you can now go wireless. I'll probably go that way soon - still investigating the products that are out there.
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Giro helmets are some of the best on the market IMO.
I wear my Nine all the time it is warmer and more comfortable than a hat IMO.
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The nine i got last year was a tad on the big side (the guy in the shop said it was ok, proves that someone who deals with these things day to day doesnt necessarily know what they are talking about!) so bought a fuse in recent cheapness and some tuneups to go. Now having both beside me, im fairly sure the fit is different.... the nine perhaps is suited to a rounder head than the fuse..... alternatively it could simple be that the padding in the nine is thicker.

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I tried on the Fuse and it wasn't as comfortable as the Nine.9. So when had them on sale, I picked up 2 Nines. They are great and not really warm when the pads were removed.
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giro fuse is an awesome helmet! I have 2 of them.... one that is great shape and one that has a soft spot in the shell froma horific fall this past season (ouch!).
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It's great. I never ski with out my Fuse and my iPOD is part of me when I ski.
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I finally replaced my oldschool Carrera race helmet (read: "sweat bucket", no ventilation) with a Giro Fuse. It's awesome. Super light...plenty of ventilation (can't explain how much that aspect is appreciated), very comfortable. I also got the TuneUps thingies. They're great. So much better than skiing with headphones in my ears. They're plenty loud and sound pretty damn good. They sort of fill your whole helmet with music, it's cool.
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I have a 9 and using it with the flaps off in the Spring with sunglass is awesome. I pretty much need to keep the earpieces on most of the winter.

As to headphones. Try signing to yourself sometime

As to me I have never had any interest in music while I'm skiing. Guess I'll try it someday, but not for me.
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