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Orthopedist Referral in Colorado

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Looking for referrals for sports medicine docs/orthopedists in Colorado. Prefer to stay in the Golden area or even in the general Summit county region and see someone who's expert at treating biking/skiing injuries.

I took a hard fall last week and want to get checked since I came down on my bad leg that was injured last season. Common sense treatment has helped but the twinges of pain aren't going away, so it's time to see a doc.

Appreciate your suggestions-thank you!
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Hi Avis! You may as well join the rest of the injured Bears here:
Ask for Dr. Gottlieb
Avalanche physical therapy is in the same building. Ask for Christie or Terri.
Good luck!
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Western Orthopaedics in Denver. Ted Parks MD.
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Panorama Ortho is in Golden. Great Docs and for you close to home.
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Thank you all. I appreciate the options in case some of these docs and practices aren't covered by my medical insurance.
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Terry has been seeing Dr. Hsin at Avista in Louisville and has been quite pleased. Different issue than you (auto accident injury), but another alternative.

BTW, Terry had her MRI done at Stand Up MRI in the Denver Tech Center. Very cool MRI system. You can take weighted MRIs, and don't have to lay in the donut. She watched TV while they took her MRI...
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any recomendations around Steamboat? Being new to the area I have no idea who's who and where they are, but I know I need to find an orthopedist and most likely need surgury. Before I moved out here I found that I most likely had a ripped tendon in my shoulder that required surgery (but that'll wait until spring because I am not losing skiing to a minor shoulder ache). Needless to say, I need to find an orthopedist and somewhere to get another MRI (I moved a little in my last one because the tube burned my arm) in the Steamboat area.
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