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Second Pair of Skis

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Hi I recently purchased a pair of Volkl supersport 4* in a 161 length. I was going to use these skis as my on piste/carving ski.

I can get a good deal on a second pair of skis. They are Atomic M9 171cm. What I was wondering was if this would be a good off-piste ski and would the 171 length (only one available) be too much for me too handle.

I am 5'11" and weigh 152lbs I am not a very aggresive skier and would not consider myself to be of an advanced level.

Thank you
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The Atomic M9, with a 122/74/108 side cut in a 171cm length is not to too short. However the ski is a bit low on the performance scale, and you could outgrow it quickly as your skills and sense of adventure improve. The big problem will be stability and anything above jogging speeds. The ski is not made for any kind of medium speed carving, and is way down the performance scale compared to your Volkl 4*.

I would look for something with a higher level of performance, but a similar “all mountain carving” sidecut. The 74mm width at the waist is a good common denominator for the type of hard snow/soft snow performance that you seek. Consider skis with a waist dimension of 72mm plus, but that is not excessively stiff in flex.

Check this string: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...539#post323539

Alta Skier had many of the same performance requirements as you, you might find it interesting!

I’ll add more recommendations later.

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Thanks for the informative reply
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Are you looking at Unisex only(?), or is a good female specific ski acceptable?

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Here is a list to consider. I tried to focus on a wide all mountain ski from 04/05, with the same level performance as your Volkl 4* (a great ski, by the way, my daughter has the similar Gamma Supersport) In-fact the 4* will do just about everything, except deep snow. You could always demo one of the below on powder days.

Atomic M:10 plus Ti 171cm
Dynastar Exclusive legend* 165cm
Dynastar Intuitive 74 167cm
Fischer Big Stix 7.6 165cm
Rossignol B2 170cm

*Female specific, all others are unisex.

The Fischer Big Stix 7.6 165cm is a best buy, available for around $200.

Hope that helps!

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Yeah the big stix seem to be a bit of a bargain at the moment. A B2 bandit doesnt seem to have a wide enough waist that I would be after. Though I could be wrong. Might try the new B3 which has lost a few pounds compared with last year. I can get a pair of Big Stix 8.0 for the same price as 7.6 or do you think I should really compare the 8.6 and the 7.6 as a like for like comparison. What do you think of the k2 apache recon (though a bit more pricey). THanks
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I tend to group skies by waist size, for example;

less than 66mm - hard snow & groomed only
66-72 on piste, all-mountain
73-80 lift served on piste/off piste
80-90 lift served off piste/deep powder
90 plus heli or cat served powder only

I still think that a 80mm plus waist is limited on-piste and a 73mm or less wide waist is limited off-piste. Manufacturers try to sell the public on total versatility, but I would not want to masters race on a 80mm wide ski or heli ski on a 66mm wide ski, if you know what I mean.

So I use a 68mm ski (the Fischer Scenio S500 115-68-100) for on-piste and a 81mm wide ski (Volant Machete Sin 115-81-104) for “lift served powder”. I can enjoy up to 12" of powder on the Fischer while skiing on-piste. Using the Volant, I can also easily ski on groomed trails while in transit to the deep stuff.

I would stay in the 74mm to 90mm waist size for your lift-served powder ski. Considering your weight, you should also be able to heli ski on a board this wide while still being able to enjoy groomed runs anytime.

I’ll provide a list of 78 to 90mm skis later today.

(this is my idea of fun)

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Heli skiing . You got to be kidding. As they say I have learn to walk before I can run. Yeah probably a mid-phat would be best all-round.
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Since you already have the narrow carving skis, I'd look at something with a mid eighties waist. You'll likely be surprised at how versatile they can be and what worlds will open up to you. Chopped up crud becomes fun, venturing off-piste becomes possible, spring slush is a blast, bumps and groomed are still fun and you have the 4*'s to really carve on hardpack.

Volkl Karma / Elan 777 / Head iM88 / One of the Atomic Metrons / Fischer BigStix 8.6 among others.
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I’ve expanded the suggestion list a little. I am keeping with the original intent of providing recommendations for a lighter weight (152 Lbs), intermediate level skier. Many of the off-piste favorites of the forum members are intended for larger, expert level skiers.

These skies are forgiving enough to learn on, versatile enough to never outgrow. The list now includes;

Atomic M:10 plus Ti 171cm (122-74-108)
Dynastar Exclusive legend* 165cm (114-75-102)
Dynastar legend 4800 165cm (114-75-102)
Fischer Big Stix 7.6 165cm (115-76-100)
Fischer Big Stix 8.0 170cm (112-80-104) Twin Tip
Head Monster iM 75 Chip SR2 163cm (114-74-103)
Rossignol Scratch FS 168cm (110-80-103) Twin Tip
K2 T9 Phat Love* 160cm (122-90-112)
Salomon Pocket Rocket 165cm (122-90-115) Twin Tip

*Female specific models

The Fisher's still look like the Best value leaders.

Less than 80mm waist equals 50% on 50% off-piste
Over 80mm Waist is better off-piste and deep snow performance, but these models are still easy to ski on-piste.

Everything considered, the Fischer Big Stix 8.0, K2 T9 Phat Love, and Salomon Pocket Rocket could be the best recommendations.

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Originally Posted by barrettscv
I’ve expanded the suggestion list a little. I am keeping with the original intent of providing recommendations for a lighter weight (152 Lbs), intermediate level skier. Many of the off-piste favorites of the forum members are intended for larger, expert level skiers.
This was very helpful to me; thank you. Would these same skis be a good choice for second skis for a very light (< 120lbs) but advanced to expert skier? (Skiing west, some bc, but not speed skiing alaska from a helicopter: ...?)
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Yes, just go down to the shorter sizes, 10cm or more shorter. Also a 120 Lbs skier would be happy with 79mm or less in the waist. no need for a fatty on someone that size.

Also consider the Fischer Big Stix 7.2. My 140 Lbs daughter uses this ski in everything from ice to moderately deep snow with great results.
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Hi "Mom" (that was a little weird )

I forget to recommend the Salomon 1080 as a powder ski for a 120 Lbs skier. These are super soft and light, but provide great on/off piste performance. Its available in a 151cm size.

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Would a womens b2 bandit do. I found a pair cheap in a 170 length. Do they have anything distingusihing which makes them womens skis (decals) other than a softer flex.
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Sorry I was unclear in my message. I meant would a 170cm b2w be a good ski for ME. I have 2 possibilities a 176 or a 170 womens. Surely the 176 will give me more stability at speed but will I have problems with turn initiation being 152lbs.
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