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Volkl guys, Hate to be pushy--really...

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but would really apppreciate some feedback on my query, several entries below, about Volkl lengths ---I know some of you have been on the AC4's--and while I know that the Allstars are new--I assume the ski 'em real short principle applies?

Thanks and much appreciated. (See Volkl lenghts query below)

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I'm 6' 190, my allstars are 168 which was recommended...I guess you could go a size shorter than the 161....but if you are strong skier....I think 161 good....170 on the mantra and ac look good to me maybe a little longer on the mantra if it's pow you are after....HB and cirquerider can you jump in here? You guys know how much deep snow experience I have:

Also you can bump your own previous thread instead of wasting a new post....just type "bump" and hit reply.....works like a charm....I like your quiver choice, you will be one happy camper...enjoy
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I am 6' 195lbs and ski 5 stars at 175cm. I have tried a friends 5 stars at 168cm and did not see any difference in performance except the bumps are a tad easier here on the east coast. On icy conditions the longer 5 star 175cm are a tad better. I would not get too hung up on the length. Most important is keep them tuned with sharp edges.

I am on the list to purchase AC4s at 170cm length. 80% east coast skiing and 20% out west. May take both my Rossi B3s and AC4s out west. BTW the wide 95mm B3s with AT binding ski pretty good on hard pack. I have not yet skied the AC4s. The AC4s should be great for east coast powder days when the powder turns to hard pack by 10:30am. The only question is how does the AC4s handle the east coast hard pack icy conditions. Will the AC4s carving ability be good enough and "almost as good" as the Allstars and 5 Stars? We will see. If I don't like the AC4s they go on eBay. Given the review the odds are the AC4s are going to be awesome at 170cm length and 16.1 turn radius.
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I'm 5'9" and my 6 Stars are 161cm. I agree with hrstrat.
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Yes - the AC4's handle hardpack very well. I got on them at the end of the season and powered them through all conditions, but was really impressed with their handling ability on steep hard pack.

I'm 6'3" / 215 and ski on 175 5 stars. I demoed the AC4's in the same length and they handled perfectly. I'd say you're good to go with 168.
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I'm 5'10" and ski the 5 star in a 175, All star in a 168. AC4 for me is a 177 or a 170 depending on whether I want a go fast ski or a tree ski (I don't own a pair of AC4s...yet...but my G4s are 178).
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