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TGR has been hacked

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I just went to log onto TGR and its been hacked, I've been away so I'm not sure if this is new or old news but a search showed nothing before 2004.

AC, Dchan, anything we can do to protect Epic?
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New news.
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Anyone know how to get hold of SquawMan?? I think he?? Would want to know.
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It is something that happened in the last few hours.
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Jeff thinks I did it because I put up the craigslist link in the Lounge.
Phhhhht, I just learned how to post a picture today, and he thinks I'm a hacker!
Here's the real hacker:
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Jeff thinks I did it because I put up the craigslist link in the Lounge.
Phhhhht, I just learned how to post a picture today, and he thinks I'm a hacker!
Here's the real hacker:
Movement analysis anyone??

come on---I have a thick skin---lets hear your critiques!

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Think skin? That photo was taken earlier this evening, wasn't it?
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Jeff unweights the left arm and reaches for a new bottle of Magic Hat.....
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Please note the eyes on the falling down line.
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Ya gotta tip that outside edge up a bit more, Jeff!
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I'm sure that he used a bit of rotary just before that photo was taken...
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TGR Back On line

10:36 PM in the east and TGR is back on line. I saw it out an hour or so ago but following a link from a thread here back to there it popped up good.
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Lift and tip vs simply tipping...

...simply tipping will cause you to pour your beer in your lap. It is imperative to understand that lifting is a primary movement required prior to tipping in order to drink your beer. Passive rotary is acceptable, however, as with most SR turns, active steering is beneficial to guide the edge. Applying additional rotary after setting the edge may be necessary to achieve the desired response, appropriate angulation and inclination must be employed dynamically to maintain balance. Applying excessive rotary prior to edge set will cause your edge to drift off line and result in a washout ...a common indication of this error is the obvious spray coming from the downhill edge (not mention the stain on your chest.) Too much pressure on the uphill edge will also result in the downhill edge washing out...

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OK, here are the issues...
1. Grip. 2 fingers and a thumb are doing all the work. The little finger is unweighted, and the ring finger may, or may not be on the bottom of the bottle.
This is obviously someone who learned on long, thin, straight bottles and is not used to modern, shorter ones.
Instead of the phantom little finger move, I'd suggest that you get lessons, and learn how to use your whole hand on the bottle. It's much more efficient, and looks a lot less effeminate.
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2. Head tilt.
At this angle, the "beer" will be hitting the top of your mouth on the way in. Use less head tilt and more bottle tilt.
For more experienced drinkers, there is a cross-under manoeuver - we star with the head horizontal, and the bottle not even horizontal.
As drinking continutes, increase the bottle angle, past horizontal, and further. About 75% of the way through the drink, the bottle should be around 45 degrees. At this point, start tilting the head slightly downwards. This is the cross-under. By the end of the drink, the bottle will be almost at right angles to the head.

Now, this technique has added advantages - not only is it more efficient, but with your head always horizontal or tilted downwards, then you can be looking to see where you want to go next. Perhaps where you are skiing is a wide run, whereas, you'd prefer to go over to something a bit thinner, maybe with a couple of big bumps. With the correct head angle then it's possible to see where your next move will be.

You need lessons.
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Finally, there is the equipment. No, I don't mean the goggles & top, but the bottle.

If it's not proper beer, then just cut out the middle man and pour it straight down the toilet...
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....shoulder & hand/wrist levels look pretty aligned 2me....nice relaxed yet strong position..... :

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