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Club Med skiing

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Worldwide, there are 24 Club Med skiing vacation destinations. Can you share some of your experiences with any of those packages. I know the price is pretty high, but what is your experience other than the price?
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First, I haven't done it in ten years. But, my daughter and I went for three years in a row to Copper. There is no way I would have called it expensive. After all, it includes all your food, your lodging, and your lift tickets, plus lessons every day. The first year we skipped the lessons. Major mistake. By the end of the week, all the groups sit together for every meal. You have to take the lessons, it's a major part of the experience. By the way, one of the best instructors I ever had was from Club Med at Copper. I don't know if he and his wife are still with them. His name is Frank Rabin (French - so "Fronk Robene").
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Club Med is topless, or so I've heard. That could be fun!, but cold.
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Rilly...wear a hat, people!
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Well, I hope I can be of help. While I haven't been to a ClubMed ski destination, I have lots of experience with ClubMed and have met tons of people that work at Crested Butte. I go to the club in Florida every year with my wife and kids and we have a BLAST! I equate it to summer camp for adults as well as kids.

On my last trip, most of the waterski and sailing staff were ski instructors in Colorado at the club. I think I got an honest assessment from them and they highly recommended it for kids.

I think that ClubMed is all about the kids and if you have some, it's probably a good bet. Sorry I don't have any first hand ClubMed skiing experience. Post a trip report if you go...

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I've heard good things about the one @ Crested Butte.
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