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Which skis to get

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Every ski is going on sale, but sizes are limited. I would prefer to demo first before buying, but that is not possible, as skis are going fast. So I am looking at the following skis:
Rossi T pwr viper S
Crossmax 8 pilot
Mach S
Crossmax 9 pilot(although I know nothing about this ski. It intrigues me)
I am 5'11" 165 lbs. I love the bumps. I prefer to ski in quick short turns and speed is not my thing(although I will keep up with you). If fresh powder drops, I will ski the bowls, but not the trees. did I mention I like to ski the bumps? Any advice?
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Dan, we've been here before. I think that, considering you most frequent use, the T-Power Viper S [TwinDeck if you can get it] is the best ski. However, if the pow is deeper han 6" or is heavy, forget it. It seems that you are cheating yourself looking for a "do it all" ski, because you really described a particular kind of skiing. If I were you, I'd get that T-Power Viper S and then check ebay or some other source of a "just for powder" ski. However, if you MUST have just one ski that will do all those things - but not any one of them ideally - then get the Crossmax Pilot 9
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P.S. Try that ski in 170 cm length. I don't think you need longer, and I believe that th increments are 10 cm - so the next longest size is 180. The 9 has a wood core, the 8 has a foam core, so the 9 will be a more durable and damp ski. Form what you've ddescribed, the 8 is for lesser skiers than you. Let us know what you decide.
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I first want to say I'm a pro-rep for K2. I do own other brands of skis!

The Mach S is a wonderful ski. I am 5'10 185 lbs., and ski it in a 160. It is a little softer and more foregiving than some of the other "shorties" that I own or have tried.

I like the product.
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Well, I just bit the bullet and bought the Rossi T viper S in a 167cm. (paid $299) I Know we've been here before Oboe, but unfortunately I rehash things till people want to throttle me. Sorry. I appreciate the advice and I think you made a great suggestion of getting the best ski for my favorite type of skiing and then getting a powder ski later. I'm going to either Mammoth or Squaw in 2 weeks. I'll let you guys know how it went.

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If anyone out there is going to look at the K2 mach S i suggest you try to get ahold of a mach s race stock with vertical side walls and none of that MOD garbage on top of it... it makes you realize that K2 can still make some great boards, its too bad they dont build the axis skis like they built their race skis this season.
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