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camcorder for skiing

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any input on a good camcorder for skiing.

1. i want something small
2. something that works good in low light
3. something under 500$

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try a cannon elura 65 at its 495 or try canon zr series camera from best buy, i have one and have rigged to a helmet camera sysrem from ebay that i got for $49
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Sonys are fine

I've had a PC5 and now have the HC40 and they work fine. I probably skied with my PC5 over 25-30 days in Canada and Italy, and hauled it all around the world for 5 years. I shot many hours of video before it konked out.

If you're not going to take editing the raw footage seriously, then I'd look at some of the MPEG format cameras. If you are going to edit, then IMO, the MPEG is not of sufficient quality (yet). In other words, if you just care about showing the "dailies" off the camera by plugging it into the TV back at the lodge or just burning without editing, then MPEG is fine.

OTOH, I made a 25 minute movie (edited from over 3.5 hours of film shot over 3 years) that included over 20 songs, had titles, subtitles/text. I would not have subjected anyone to more than 5 minutes of MPEG.

Learning to use the camera and learning what will work are more important than the camera itself. Get extra batteries and a wide angle lens, and learn how to set up the camcorder. Get a nice wide neoprene strap for comfort & put it in a baggie to prevent condensation. Self-edit while shooting & learn to take advantage of ambient sound, i.e. wind in the trees, music at the lodges, music coming from your friend's headphones, etc. Shelter the mic from the wind & the lens from the sun while you're shooting on the slopes.
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