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Dynastar Exclusive 10 for the wife?

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I just got an email from Cupolo's (remember them?) with a 10% 0ff coupon for their "clearance" sale. Anyway, I figured it might be a good time to get something for my wife (5'4", very light, likes to carve). Anyone have an opinon on this? The price (280 -10%) with bindings seems quite good. This one is even cheaper (200), aparently becasue the of the different binding and graphics. I think in this sidecut she could definitely ski the 150.

It's been bothering me that Dynastar has been selling so low (except the legends) is there something I should know about?
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It´s Exclusive 10 Classic, the top womens ski of 2003/2004. 150 cm has a 13m radius, 158 cm 14m, 165cm 15 m.

The ski should be okay. The price may be because of 03/04.
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Hi! I'm 5'5 and 110 lbs. I ski on Dynastar skicross. (not women specific but...) I love them. They carve like crazy, hold like pit bulls and are just fine in crud and powder up to a foot or two. (at least in NM/CO powder) I cannot recommend them highly enough. they are sprightly and fun fun fun. They go reallllly fast, but will go slow if you want to. If she's not aggressive, she should go with the skicross 9s. They are the same ski for 03-04 as 04-05. Don't know about 05-06.
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Mom, what length do you ski them?
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165's (or thereabouts. don't think they're even sizes, like 163 may be the exact figure. Don't have the babies w/me at the office!)
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I bought my girl friend a pair of exclusive 10's about a year ago. She skied them al last season and really liked them. I actually borrowed them for a run once to see how they skied. I found that they carve very easily and reward a neutral stance. They are fairly snappy and will make a variety of medium to short radius turns with particularly high energy - considering it is a mid-range womens ski. She skis them in a 150 right now, as she is still developing strong skiing skills and such, so i suspect that she will only get one more season out of them and then jump up to something that is a 160 - 165 with more shape. They are easy to ski on though, and very confidence inspiring, since they will allow easy release from skidded turns as well as the ability to carve turns.
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Nice skis

My wife liked the Exclusive 10 in a 158 (she's 5'5", 115). She liked the Volkl 380 Gammas (149) and Supersport Gammas better (154s). I have a feeling that the 10s would have skied too short at 150.

She felt the Volkls were more confidence inspiring at speed, but that the Dynastars were quite easy to turn and held well. We got her the Supersports (154) on sale for <$380, and we could have gotten the 10s a little cheaper.

FYI: My wife's favorite run last year was a steepish groomer below the Cornice II chair at Squaw, and she doesn't ski bumps by choice. Your wife may or may not like to ski fast. I can tell you that my wife doesn't always carve, and the Supersport allows her to skarve to her heart's delight.
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