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Views on Metron M8

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I've used the search feature to look for comments on the Metron M8 and haven't found any, so here is my question. I've skied for the last 7 years on Atomic B9.18s and C9s and I'm thinking of trying a Metron for a changeā€¦ but which one. I ski mainly in France in late March/early April where the conditions vary from ice in the morning to very soft/heavy in the late afternoon. As I get older, I am looking for something that is easy to use in a variety of conditions and I'm not bothered about speed or pushing anything (especially myself) to the limits. I am tempted by the M8 because it seems likely to be less demanding than the M9 but the lack of comments here on the M8 is worrying me a bit. Is it any good, likely to be suited to my modest needs or should I go for the M9?

I'm happy to take a chance on this without a demo (not realistic where I'm going) and I'm OK with going back to my C9s if it doesn't work out.
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If you're comfortable on your C9s, then I think the whole Metron line is open to you. The lack of info. on the M8 is probably because it is an "intermediate" ski and most people here are into the higher end of the equipment range.

I'm a C9 skier too and I tried the B5 and M9 last year and I think they're both great skis. I almost bought the M9 last year but I demo'd the 164 and really wanted to try the 171 before buying.

Briefly, the B5 and M11 have the same profile with different stiffness characteristics. Ditto for the M10 and M9. The Metrons are shorter radius skis compared to the C9 which should be part of your decision making.

The M9 is more ski and will give you more performance. Plus, there may not be much difference in price.

What say you...ATOMICMAN?
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jtr, I'd encourage you to focus on the M:9 and M:10 instead of the M:8. I think of the M:8 as more a "my first ski" ski. I think the M:10 would be a great choice if you're endeavoring to improve your skiing.
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The M8 is a decent ski, just kinda blah. It does everything it asks but that's about it. If you want something to do a bit more, consider the M9 to replace the C9. Another great ski is the new Izor 9.7. If you have the opportunity, demo before buying. For either of these skis, go with the next shortest length from what you used in the C9.
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The M8 is heavily pushed by some of the local ski shops as a good intermediate/advance intermediate ski for non-aggressive skiers that are starting to venture off-piste. Personally, I would recommend checking out the M9, also. It is more forgiving than the M10 and does everything better than the M8.
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The M8 is one step up from a package ski. Take a look at the 9 or 10.
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Another vote for the M:9

Skied the M9 at Snowbasin's retail demo last year. Absolutely loved it. Very precise, does what it's told, let's you run, and is nimble in moguls and chop.
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Thanks everybody for the feedback. It looks like it will be the M9s for me but I'll keep my C9s just in case I don't get on with the them.
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