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RSN Forum for Wa

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Anyone know what's up with RSN Forums? Looked at the Wa forum today and messages from a couple months show but when you click to post, there's no form present :

Oh, 100 days to openning day (weather permitting).
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Same problem here, I was a fan of the RSN Forum. I think they got bored!
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Their Vermont forums seemed to disappear last year.
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They've delayed the reopening of their forums a couple of times. I have a bad feeling they've given up on forums. I hope I'm wrong, I enjoyed them too.

Barb's the person to ask.

Meunier, Barbara" <bmeunier@rsn.com>
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What's wierd is everything on the forum works up to the post forum. THe old messages are there. The Post link works. It's just that there's no form fields. If they were nuking it, I'd think they'd just take down the forums.
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I agree with HPD, RSN is focasing on their tv network. I think the forums were a pain to deal with.

HPD....how come Ghostie hasn't gravitated to one of the other boards?
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