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2003-04 HEAD iM 70 MONSTER

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I've been looking for a versatile performance ski. These would only be used on-piste, but might see a little lift served powder from time to time.

I know the Head chip skis are versatile all around performers. My question to the multiple Head skiers at Epis is as follows:

Is the 2003-04 HEAD iM 70 MONSTER (177 CM) a Chip ski? Have these changed much between 03/04 and 04/05? Is $200.00 new in the wrapper the best price I will find?

These would be my Vermont or Utah all day ski that is a little “kinder, gentler” than my more specialized performance skis.

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Neither the 03/04 nor the 04/05 Monster 70 had the chip.
They were identical, the older ski didn´t have the carbon layer called FFJ (full carbon jacket).
Can´t say anything to the price.
I remember the 03/04 ski I demoed as quite an aggressive carver.
A lot of Head skis are versatile allround performers regardless of the chip. Most of the best performing Heads have no chip.
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Hi Checkracer,

I’m looking for a ski that fits the description of "all-day high performance" carving ski. I now use an older Fisher Scenio S500 as my aggressive carving ski, and I have a Volant Machete for deep snow. The Fisher is a “all-mountain slalom” according to its maker can be a little too demanding (at times) for the 50% cruising, 50% aggressive carving that I enjoy on a typical day.

I’m hoping the Head monster 70 fits these requirements, and allows me to relax temporarily, while still carving high speed medium length turn when the situation allows.

Does the Monster 70 fit the need?

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The Best

Atomic GS9
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Atomic GS:9 Interesting!!

My son loves his SL:9, and the hardsnow performance of the GS:9 is outstanding. What happens when conditions get softer, including day old powder that is a little to hard to resist while skiing on-piste.

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Well I would Ski it!! on a great all mountain Carver!! GS-9
My impression was you were looking for a real good Mostly on Piste Carver ? But a more forgving all day ski? = GS-9 / Other reason I mentioned this one
They can be had for a good price (Don't let the price fool you)
http://cgi.ebay.com/04-05-Atomic-GS-... QcmdZViewItem
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If you like the Sceneo, you may also like the RX8/RX9 or even the Atomic Metron series, since the Sceneo was an early broad-tipped carver. Something like a Metron M:11...
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Originally Posted by ssh
If you like the Sceneo, you may also like the RX8/RX9 or even the Atomic Metron series, since the Sceneo was an early broad-tipped carver. Something like a Metron M:11...
Agree / Out of what you listed I like RX9. But based on his comments above I thought he was looking for an easier ride? (On The Cheap)
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MTT, you're right. That's why I put the RX8 on the list, it's been out for a few years, unchanged. But, I think the others might be better skis (and some of the posts indicate that there may be Metrons in CA for 40-60% off...).
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The Head iM 70 would make a great all around ski, although maybe not as relaxed as something like the iC 160. Does the pair you're looking at have the Railflex plate, or are they flat? Also, is the 177 going to be too long? I'm 6', 200lbs, and the 177 is the size that I would ski. Another ski in the Head lineup that I tried last year that was fairly easy going but still high performing was the XRC 1100 (cap version, not the SW). Seemed like a good all around all day type of ski.
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Actually, I like skis that are 1 or two years old, but are still considered great design.

I will probably keep the Scenio S500 for skiing in Vermont but use something more versatile, and less demanding for skiing out west. I also have a Rossi 9X for high speed cruising and Masters racing.

Plan A. Buy a stable on-piste cruiser (like the Head Monster 70) and take it, and my Volant Machete Sin out west. Use the skinny ski if there is no new snow, use the Volant after a “dump”.

Plan B. Sell the Machete Sin, buy a Head 75 Chip, Elan 666, Metron B5, or Fischer AMC 79, and not need two skis in the Rockies.

I can find the Head 75 Chip for around $300, making it attractive.

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FWIW, The Fischer RX-8 is intended to be a little less demanding than the S500 while retaining preetty much the same performance envelope of the Sceneo 500. The RX-8 has been among Fischer’s best selling models in the USA the last few seasons.

Both the RX-8 and the RX-9 are high performance skis by all accounts. The RX-9 differs mostly in that it produces more of a GS type turn while the RX-8 is a slalom carver capable of a variety of turn shapes. There are some Fischer reps that post here and they can probably add something more.

I liked the Fischer Sceneo 500 so much that I looked high and low in shops and on the internet last season to find a spare pair @170cm. I finally, stumbled across a pair by pure accident at a ski shop in South Tahoe last Thanksgiving and quickly snapped them up.

Just as some feel that certain great skis are overlooked that is what I think happened with the Sceneo 500. A complaint about the Sceneo was that it was too stiff for some. The RX-8 is said to be somewhat softer in longitudinal flex.
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For lots more on the RX8, check here.
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I actually love the Fisher Scenio S500. It "wow's" me every time. One of the reason I picked it, is that at 220 Lbs, I use a 170cm and it supports me just fine! Yes, it's one stiff ski!

I'm just not able to ski that hard at high elevation at this point, at least not all day.

So I'm considering somthing else for out west, but I will still use it when visiting Vermont, with pleasure!

I also agree that the S500 is a high performance upgrade to the RX-8.

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I let the others help you. They have experience with similar skis you´re looking for. I mostly don´t. I only made one or two short rides with the i.M 70 on fairly soft snow.
I mainly wanted to answer your "technical" questions consulting the catalogs.

I gree that the Sceneo 500 was a great ski. As I remember, on softer snow and for skiing with less power Sceneo 400 was even "better" meaning more pleasant.
They were both great skis and IMO highly recommendable to buy if found somewhere.
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