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"Overpowering a ski " means what exactly?

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Sorry I posted it in the reviews, but can anyone shed light on what that means? As a heavier 1901b but not very good or aggressive skier I hear and read things like "heavier or aggressive skiers may overpower these". "Heavier skiers need to stay centered on these". Does that mean soft skis are more forgiving for lighter skiers? What adverse things occur if one "overpowers" a ski? I'd appreciate any insight from experienced skiers. Thanks.
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You will overpower a ski if the ski is too soft (bends very easily and has poor torsional stiffness) or if you are too heavy for the ski in question. What happens when you overpower a ski? Basically the tip and the tail will not hold an edge when you power through a turn. In other words the tip could either fold/bend too easily or flutter at speed and the tail will wash out when completing the turn. It takes experience to detect such nuances in a ski. Be careful when somebody says that a ski can be overpowered. It is not always as bad as it sounds. Preferences also come into play. Some skiers prefer a stiff ski and a stiff feeling under foot. Others like a ski that can flex with the terrain and carve smooth round arcs. For example in deep powder the last thing you need is a stiff ski.

Finally, keep in mind that beginner/intermediate skiers, regardless of their weight, cannot easily overpower a ski because they cannot drive a ski very hard. When you pivot and skid your turns it is hard to "overpower" any ski.

I hope this helped a little.
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Tom B,
Thanks for the info. You seem to have a good grasp of reality. It amuses me when I ask guys in ski shops for recommendations after telling them I'm a level 5 and they tell me to try hero skis so that I can make high speed new school turns in powder. Heck I can't even make old school turns in powder.
I think I'll stay with softer skis for the time being especially since most of my skiing is in BC. Thanks again. skidoc
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Since my question is on the same topic I'll just post it here (it's been on my mind for a little while) - What are the effects of a ski being to stiff for somebody?
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It won't turn easily at low speeds. Any ski can be "finessed" into a nice low speed carve, but the stiffer the ski, the more finesse is needed. Of course, if you aren't interested in low speed carved turns, by all means get a stiffer ski. But be aware, it may slow down your skill development.
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well-said, miles. I agree completely.
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