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2006 Ski Gear Sneak Peek from Ski Canada Mag

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Some of you may have seen this already, but it was new to me.
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Not a bad brochure on marketing direction. Lot's of attenion on the ladies this year.

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More VIST info.
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Originally Posted by comprex
More VIST info.
Not sure if that was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but it's funny you should mention the VIST stuff since that's the search I was on when I found the article.

I'm interested in where VIST is taking things since I'm a big Stockli fan (it looks like Stockli and VIST are working on better binding/ski integration - we might even see a "system" - is that a good thing or a bad thing?).
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Not tongue-in-cheek at all. Vist GS ski reviewed in current Skiing mag.

Scott and Vist look to slip in under the radar much like Ogasaka did last year, not to mention first-gen "Nordica" bindings where all my local shops said "HUNH?".
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Originally Posted by comprex
not to mention first-gen "Nordica" bindings where all my local shops said "HUNH?".
Yeah, they were around all for a total of 20 minutes.:
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I am getting the Z9s! They're on order, should have them next month, can't wait!
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There´s some info on their website www.vist.it (English version available) but the site has never been very good IMO.

Vist skis have been around for about 3 years. They are meanufactured in a small factory in Italy by Horst Gamper, the man whose name bears each Vist WC plate ("made by Gampy" - not Forest Gump...). They are all traditional sandwiches with 2*titanal, slightly less demanding than real worldcup skis are because those guys and gals are not his target group (neither himself nor the four companies he´s manufacturing skis for, e.g. Nava, Duell, Vist, will be able to pay the money to become part of the official Pool).

I owned a pair of SL prototypes 157 cm three years ago, still before FIS changed the length limit. A nice ski, tuned to .5/87, fast, snappy, stable enough, very good grip (never used them in gates).

A friend of mine owned a GS prototype of the same time, 183 cm/21 m, and was highly satisfied after some good results in regular races against guys 20 years younger. I skied them as well and found them nice though somewhat less aggressive than some racestock skis of other brands.

Vist considered the introduction of its skis back then but then they somehow concentrated od the bindings and Speedlock. I took part in a Vist demo last October in Italy and they told me that they considered the skis mostly as carriers of Speedlocks. The skis they have (a GS, a SL, detuned Gs and SL and some allround model) had the topsheet reading "Speedlock" (my old Vists were regularly Vists).

I have the lengths, dimensions, radii somewhere but no chance now to look it up.
There´s some info on Vist GS and SL on the Japanese site refered to by sywsyw and me in the last posts of the Boot lifters thread.

Should be these two:


I also have a pair of VIST 614 binding and have no problems. Last winter I changed the standard binding screws for the Speedlock pins and have been using the Speedlock Pro system (essentially the VIST WC Air plate + the binding). It works nice but doesn´t give the 55 mm heigth and there´s no chance to get higher.
Last year they improved the design adding some sort of security pin to prevent the levers of the plate to open unintentionally. The system is not so easy to adjust as regular demo bindings, some (frozen) snow in the holes might be a problem.
The interchangeability of pins and regular screws makes it possible to use the bindings both with the Speedlock plate and normally with screws. You break/destroy/bend/damage the skis but you still have fully functional binding, not like some other fully integrated systems.
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Originally Posted by Beanie
I am getting the Z9s! They're on order, should have them next month, can't wait!
I saw some on the mountain last year, they look like a winner. Good luck with them.
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I didn't even realize that VIST was doing the skis thing. I looked at the skis (from the links checkracer posted) and it sure does look like the skis are just a "vehicle" to promote the SpeedLock system.
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VIST makes a full ski line- in the old Spalding/Persenico factory- (4 world cup overall titles) So they must be good and the reviews seem positive. It remains to be seen whether they make a commitment to the US- they had a small booth ast SIA and no sales force yet. The plates are proven to be the best oin the world and the bindings work as well- perhaps they will have some demo vans out this winter or be at the on-snow shows. I see the skis are vert sidewall laminates so thats promising.
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I also heard that the VIST distributer is some guy in Colorado who has a shaky reputation. I called Stockli and they were not involved with VIST anymore. They would not refer me. I see the clothes in Race Werks but who sells the skis?
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The "shaky" VIST guy is Kevin Calabrese and you're lucky if he'll return a phone call or an e-mail message.
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Do you know how to get in touch with him? Is he reputable?
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Vist plates are great,
I have never ever heard of the skis before. The Speedlock systems seems to be the only movable system which can be used for racing because it is stiff enough.
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Just surfing the posts...
Last July, Bill Lamont from Wild Willies lent me a pair of Stockli SL's with the VIST binding...Blackcomb Glacier was soft spring snow...
Such a quick,cool binding release to tune a naked ski...(but I think the tolerances on the lock / pins could be refined)
The ski itself...The tip was psychic...intuitive...never hooky...You could exit the turn and let the skis go way out there......incline like Bode, and it would always come back to you...I felt it had a big sweet spot...even from the back seat- But I didn't find myself there very often because the turn exits were so smooth . I don't think it has even a thoretical speed limit....
If I ever have spare $1,900 buck laying around...
ciao Paul
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Originally Posted by jamesk
Do you know how to get in touch with him? Is he reputable?
Vist North America

Kevin Calabrese
General Manager
Post Office Box 5798
Vail, Colorado 81658 USA

E: Vistnorthamerica@aol.com
P: 970.376.1621
F: 413.332.0344
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I know that www.equipesports.com has demo VIST skis at Stratton. I have skiied them a few times the last few days and they are sweet. Probably the best carving ski that i have ever been on. They also have the entire VIST line of skis for sale so if you want to try them out thats where you can do it.
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Vist Usa

The current VIST Rep for the USA is:

Toby Kerr
Based out of (or near) Vail

email: fundoctdk@comcast.net
Ph: (303) 722-7900
Fax: (303) 733-1974
Cell: (303) 898-8008

I met him at the Trade Three day demo last week and he is as amenable in person as he was on the phone.

I skied the SL (165cm)/ GS (180cm) and X-Free (182cm), and they are all fitted with the Speedlock system. For reference I am 6'2", 205lbs and working as an instructor (Cert 2). I like skiing fast, powder and trees. I am not sure if there is any choice on plates but I skied the following:

Vist SL (165cm)/ Pro plate/ 6-14 binding - a really stiff and fun ski, turned and turned and turned at mad speeds. Had a soft tune (1/89) which I would not have if it was mine but it still held well on hard snow and ice. I would have it with 0.75/88 and with the Race plate, but I am not a racer. I would probably not get this ski as I do not race slalom and it was too stiff for the bumps (skied them but it was not fun) but I do not really like bumps at the best of times. It would be brutal for teaching on as it does fast and faster and just wants to keep turning (more like flipping from edge to edge).

There is a slightly softer Carving ski version that would probably be more versatile and suitable for me. It is probably like the Stockli SC and would do well with the Pro plate. But I ran out of time to give it a run.

Vist GS/ Race Plate/ 6-14 binding - amazing ski, skied 'Go-Devil' on hard snow fast enough to give me a real thrill and then did another lap to truely scare myself. It was only the speed (not a racer) rather than the sure footed hold and responsive nature that scared me. Again with a soft tune (1/89) which I would change for a 0.75/88. I would buy this ski.

Vist X-free (182 cm)/ TT plate/ 6-14 binding - a real all rounder, not quite a surefooted as my Rotors but that would mainly be the soft tune (1/89). Torsionally quite stiff but very soft in the tip and tail, carved well and were amazing in the bumps for their length. I would buy this ski as an excellent all rounder, probably as set up but with a 1/88 tune.

They all ran pretty well but would obviously benefit from my usual pre skiing love (4-5 wax sessions to really get it into the bases) and would be much better with 1/88 or 0.75/88 edges. Racers can choose their pleasure and be quite satisfied.

They are meant to have two layers of titanal rather than the three that Stockli use so I imagine that they will not last as long but most people do ont ski one ski everyday these days so we are probably talking 3-4 seasons anyway which represents good value.

I think the US retail is going to be $1600 inc plate and binding, which is more expensive than a Volkl Race Carver but we are talking about a completely different class of ski here.
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Denver Wholesale Skis on eBay has a number of 07/08 Vist skis and bindings for sale if anyone is interested.

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