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Which skis to buy?

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Hello all. Without boring you to death with details -- for all of my life I was an avid skier who skied well and agressively. Five years ago I tore my ACL and cartilidge skiing. Since that time, I switched exclusively to snowboarding on my surgeon's advice. Last winter, I went out to Tahoe to ride, but ended up demo-ing some Volkls and skiing all week. Needless to say, the snowboard is going away this winter and I want to purchase new skis. Unfortunately, I am pretty out of the loop on equipment these days.

So, my question is, what should I buy? I would still consider myself an expert, agressive skier. I like to ski steeps, powder, cuardoroy and I definitely like terrain parks and jumping. Unfortunately, a majority of my skiing is done on the East coast where conditions range from wet and heavy to ice. I have been considering Salomons, Goodes, Volkls, Atomics, etc., but would be interested in any suggestion as to what the best ski for me would be. Thank you!
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Hi Mike, welcome to Epic!

So, you want a ski that will do everything? Don't we all!
You'll struggle to get a ski that is good at everything.

Here's a review I did in June of some of next year's skis...

What were the last skis you skied on before your accident?
What weight are you? (oh, and for old time's sake, what height?)
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It's been awhile....

I understand that there isn't a magic bullet ski that can do everything, but I feel like a good skier can make a good ski do almost anything as long as it is not an extremely specific ski (i.e. carving, powder ski, etc.).

I am 5'8" 150 lbs.

To give you an idea of how long it has been since I bought skis, I was skiing on 195 cm Salomon Superforce 9's when I had the accident. At the time, I was pretty much jumping and skiing bumps 95% of the time. Of course, on the East coast, there ain't much else to do.

Thanks for the response!
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I would suggest you try the K2 Public Enemy (169cm would be good) - with your love of jumps/parks, it may give you the best options. There are plenty of other options out there - Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuels would be fairly good, but maybe not so much in the park.
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Buy volkl 724 pro from last year. Bought a great used pair the end of the season for 225.00 Steal! Awesome ski you can get em new with piston binding for 480.00 ish. This ski will do it all. It is stiff and best stability and edge hold I've skied. Here in the east that's what matters most. Even powder days turn into crud, slop and ice very quickly!Wide enough for powder days.
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