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Fischer Atua

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Has anyone tried these?
What say you?
What "kind" of feel do Fischers give?
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I can't really give you an unbiased opinion because I ski on Fischer's national freeride team, but they are a ton of fun. Super versatile, easily a one-quiver west coast ski, and they are very accomodating regardless of your weight or height. I have a pair mounted at the line, and a pair at +4, and enjoy the forward mount more of the two, but probably would split the difference at +2 if I only had one set of skis.

They handle the groomers great as a result of their construction and sidecut (21 meters I think), while being snappy and damp at the same time. Fischer has really gone back to the basics with the construction of their new freeride line, with vertical-laminate woodcores and vertical sidewalls. There really isn't much in terms of gimmicks to these skis. The 97mm waist floats in the pow, and the full-twin tip lets you do whatever you want in the park...

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186 cm/22m, 129-96-119
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