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Can you skid a B5 metron?

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I'd like to cut down on the number of skiis I lug around . Right know it's REX in 191, Fischer Big Stix in 184, Head XP 100 in 177 and Gotamas in 184. Iwas hoping thjat the B5 would fit the bill but my experience with Heads which has similar dimensions worries me. Those things carve very well but won't skid easily in tight spots( like trees and chutes).I ski mostly at Kirkwood and Mammoth. The Goats were the most fun I had in a long in anything soft and sloppy. I did a search on the B5 but really couldn't find an answer to my question.
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some Skidding and some Metrons

to start:
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I tried some B5's last week in a snowdome and on hardpack I had no problem skidding them.
Only thing I disliked about them was that I could see them getting you into a lot of trouble if you got tired at the end of the day. For a 140 lbs guy they felt VERY powerful. Definately need to work them all the time. I found the M11 to be a nicer ski for living with everyday. The B5 would have sooner or later bitten my ass hard I reckon.
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No problems for me.
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Sure can.

BTW - I disagree that you have to work them all the time. But, the more you put into them, the more you'll get back. They probably are a lot of ski for a 140 pound person.
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What Phil said!
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Will they skid as smoothly, easily, and predictably as something longer and straighter?


You can skid ice skates....you can skid metrons.
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Yes they'll skid. they may require a little more refinement than a longer straighter ski.
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I really have a tough time with this question coming up about shape skis.

If you have a base bevel (.5-1 degree) and you know how to sideslip for godsake the ski will skid, slide whatever you want to call it.

Afterall most skiers can't carve! I don't care how much side cut the doggone things have if they are flat on the snow with no edge angle they slide.
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It has already been said. The question is not yes or no but how easily. Basically, any ski may be skidded, though minimum base bevel, high torsional stiffness and dramatic sidecut make skidding less easy. Zero base bevel and an unintentional concave base make skidding extremely difficult. I canĀ“t imagine and have never seen a well-tuned ski (as AM says .5-1 dg.) unable to skid.
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grumpyof, I have skied my b5s in a variety of conditions, including tight trees, rock-strewn steeps, and moguls. They will arc-n-spark or slide around, depending on the tune and what you're trying to do. The weight isn't an issue, either, in these situations, because the swing weight is low enough, that that's what really matters.

The don't skid as easily as skis that only skid. But, if you decrease the edge angle past critical, they'll skid just fine. It's just that they carve way better than "longer, straighter" skis, and thus when you get them "hooked up" they'll stay there for you.
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