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Death Cookie?

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What is a death cookie? I hear this term often.
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A death cookie is a chunk of ice or windblown slab which has broken up into pieces of matter that litter the slope which you are skiing.

Sometimes they are the aftermath of grooming machines that have tried to blend in man made snow with regular snow. Chunks of heavier snow or ice mixed in with powder.

When I think of death cookies I think of windblown slab on south facing exposures that accumilate in chutes and steeps.

Very hard to ski because they sometimes want to take your ski off.
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A death cookie is a frozen piece of snow, a lump, on the snow surface. When a ski contacts a death cookie, it may "win" and knock the death cookie loose or it may lose and be knocked off line by the death cookie. Death Cookies are commonly created by groomers attempting to groom fresh manmade before the water has had a chance to "drain" out.
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Originally Posted by SkierXMan
What is a death cookie? I hear this term often.
This thread has a lot of fun terms and definitions:


I learned a lot.
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