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Originally Posted by Alta Skier
The only problem I have with the Fischer Big Stix is it's shape. It looks too retro. Like it wouldnt carve very well.
heh. yeah, I NEVER judge a ski by its on-snow performance, since the "appearance" is so much more critical to its value.

I don't know what others might think of the Big Stix 7.6 ability to carve, but if you ask those who skied with me at ESA Big Sky this past January, they could tell you how well the 7.6 carved under my boots. they felt good to me, not quite as good as a race ski, but much better than many others in the same use/sidecut category of skis.

if you want to ski lots of bumps, you should be looking for skis that don't have much (or any) metal in them. the last ski in the tiny midfat category (70-80mm waist) I enjoyed in the bumps was the K2 Axis X, which now is called the Apache something or other. you should look for them too.
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Thanks for all your help
Fischer Big STix 7.6 165cm 03/04 on the way!!!
$200 from

I thought about getting the 04/05's after you said that it might fit my size better... but i doubt that there is enough difference to really truly tell a difference. Thanx
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Chris Clapp is the head of marketing and a couple other departments at Fischer USA, so he knows what he is talking about...
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