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Salomon OR Fischer

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I was wondering if any of you have any preferances for an all around ski. I am looking at some Salomon X-screams or some Fischer Big Stix 7.6. I am an advanced Skier that loves to ski moguls and Powder out in Utah. I am looking for a ski that excels in all conditions: Steep, Deep, Moguls, Hardpack, Ice, Trees, etc... I like the quick nimble feeling in a ski as well. I am kind of leaning toward the Salomons but if you folks out there have anything to say, please do. Oh yea, by the way these are both 03/04 models.
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I haven't skiied the Big Stix 7.6 but I've heard good things about it. Never been a fan of the Scream series, they are really boring and uncharacteristic skis to me, they do ski the whole mountain ok, but nothing really good, and aren't stable at speed. 76mm waist should be good in the bumps, but I'd recommend wider if you are skiing powder often, probably 90mm waist which will still be reasonable in bumps.
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The only problem I have with the Fischer Big Stix is it's shape. It looks too retro. Like it wouldnt carve very well.
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Which model X-Screams are you talking about? If you're talking about the X-Scream Series which have a 69mm waist then there is no comparison, the Big Stix beat them hands down in almost every category. If you are talking the X-Hot or Hot then it becomes a matter of taste. Personally, I would rate the X-Hot better than the Big Stix 76 but the Big Stix 76 better than the Hot.
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I was talking about the X-Scream Series 9
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Is there much of a differance between the 03/04 model of the big stix 76 and the 04/05 model. Things I have heard is that the 04/05 model is lighter and has a more consistent flex. At geardirect.com i can buy the 03/04's for $200, where I can buy the 04/05's for $300. Whould It be worth it to chip in the extra $100 for the newer model?
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03-04 is the same exact ski as 04-05, just different graphics.

Too skinny for Utah pow though.
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I had skied a pair of Salomon Super Mountains for deep snow in the past and currently use a pair of Fischer Scenio S500 for hardpack. My daughter uses a pair of Fischer Big Stix 72. I replaced the Salomons with a pair if Volant Machete Sins, but used the Salomons as recently as April at Snowbird.

None of these are the models you mentioned, but I will offer a few generalizations on Salomon “feel” and performance vs Fischer.

The Big Stix are a very good all mountain design, but are not perfectly suited to deep snow. The same is true of the Salomon X-Scream 9. These are good 60% on-piste, 40% off-piste skis for lighter skiers. The Fischer is more dynamic, with great carving ability, even on ice. The X-Scream skies are a little more old school in design. They are easy to skid, but not as aggressive to carve. The Fischer requires greater skill and attention, does not like to skid, is happiest on edge. The X-Scream is more forgiving. Both skis should be avoided by heavy, strong skiers. Neither offer a lot of stability or “beef” underfoot.

What is your weight, strength, and skill level. What conditions and difficulty if terrain do you like?

You might choose something else completely.

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I've never owned a Fischer Big Stix 7.6 but have owned a lot of Fischer skis. Some generalizations: Very durable; tenacious edge hold; most have a very smooth feel; generally their performance skis have a fairly small "sweet" spot which, as pointed out above, requires greater attention but produces greater precision.

I am unabashedly a Fischer Ski fan. They make excellent skis. However, only in recent seasons have they paid much attention to marketing their skis in the USA. In consequence they have too often been overlooked by the skiing public. Fischer is one of few ski makers (and I believe the largest) that is still family controlled.

I can't really comment on Salomon but have read some good reviews here on some of their skis.
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I am very small and scrawny, 140 lbs in my teens, not that strong, I mainly ski the Blacks and easier double blacks, and I love the steep, deep (not too deep), and moguls...
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The Fisher Big Stix 7.6 is beginning to sound like a potential fit. You might even consider the Big Stix 7.2. My 150 Lb daughter (an award winning athlete) likes this ski and either the 7.6 or 7.2 could be a very good choice in a 165CM length.

At 140Lb both skies will give you sufficient float in all-but-the-deepest snow. The 7.6 is carbon fiber and the 7.2 is fiberglass construction. Both skis have a light and lively feel. The 7.2 is a better hardpack ski with stability at GS speeds, the 7.6 is a little less stable at speed, but quick turning in all conditions.

Skip the Salomon X-scream models. These were good designs 5 years ago, but they are incomparable to the better skis from Fischer, Head, Atomic or just about anyone else. My Salomon Super mountains are an easy to ski deep snow tool, but very slow to “hook-up” and initiate a turn on groomed snow. The X-screams are from this same generation of design.

a 165cm 7.6 sold on eBay for $135 recently, my daughters 7,2 cost $125!!
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Do like to carve? forget the X-Screams. Very bad for carved turns, pretty OK in deep snow and bumps.
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I've rented (and despised) x-screams a couple of times. Not just noodles, but overcooked noodles. In contrast I own a pair of 7.6 in 175 cm and would second most of the opinions above. Haven't had them in powder but in crud, or heavy mashed potato type conditions they were a lot of fun this spring, plenty stable for me (at 175 lbs). And they're fine on the groomed too; not super turny but versatile; "happiest on edge" comment rings true.

There were a couple threads on the 7.6 last year including a full-scale review by someone with better skills and perspective than me -- try the search.
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One more question... What would be the best binding to get to fit these skis?
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Alta skier

I would use the Railflex II "FS 10" from Fischer or the Railflex II "SL 10rail" from Tyrolia. Both of these bindings are made by Tyrolia and the Railflex system allows the ski to freely flex and provides a very wide fitment range without re-drilling the skis.

Atomic CR412 (and other models) is another good choice. Like the Railflex it allows the ski to bend without restriction from the boot/binding assembly. The Atomic has a nice “Vario” feature that allows the skier to shift the binding forward or back without tools. This allows you to customize the boot location forward, improving turn-in response, with a loss of high speed stability. Also, the boot can be moved towards the rear of the ski, for improved stability, with some loss of responsiveness. The skier can find the position that feels best, with a little trial and error.

The Railflex system also allows the boot to move forward and back, the system does require a tool, but is also easy to use.

Let us know what you find and settle on.

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I think that I'm gonna settle on the Big Stix 76(03/04). Im still not sure about what binding but I'm sure it'll come in time. Thank you for all your help, especially Barrettscv. I think I might wait until SNIAGRAB comes aroud during labor day weekend to see if I can get a better deal on the 03/04 models (if they even have it). I doubt it though. Have any of you been to SNIAGRAB and seen any sweet deals?
Thanks a bunch!!!
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Alta Skier,

For your size and weight the Ficher Big Stix 7.6 should give you plenty of floatation in powder, and provide good versatile performance for you in bumps, crud, and groomed. The '04/'05 version is a better ski than the '03/04 model. The shape is the same, but the '04/'05 has a more consistent flex and is 21% lighter than the '03/'04. The '04/'05 is available with or without the Railflex mounting plate, the '03/'04 did not have Railflex.

I have not skied the 7.6, but I own a pair of '04/'05 model BigStix 8.6 which have the same construction in a wider ski with less sidecut. I like them a lot on powder days where they are great in powder, crud, and soft bumps. They also perform well on the groomed, and even hold an edge on hard snow. The 7.6 is designed to be more versatile and is more suitable as an every day ski.

I would spend the extra 100 bucks and get the '04/'05. If they are available, get a pair with the Railflex plate.

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Originally Posted by JimL
... the '04/'05 has a more consistent flex ....
Curious - what does it more for a ski to have "more consistent flex"?
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Alta skier

I've been trying to get to the bottom of the question concerning any substantial difference between the 03/04 model and the 04/05 model. Two solid sources say the are the same ski, except graphics. One source is Realskier.com and the other source is Bakerboy, from this tread! Baker boy is a member of the Fischer National Freeride Team, check his picture and text from:


The text from some of the online sellers say the 04/05 ski is lighter!

Can anyone clarify?

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In any of the websites that you can buy the 04/05 model it says that it is 21% lighter
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Well, I've seen the entire Big Stix line for the last few years cut apart for inspection a few times, but I really can't remember if they're is any construction difference. I know the fundamental construction of the 7.6 hasn't changed, and I couldn't tell any difference between the two years by hand-flexing them, but I haven't actually skied both model years. Because the construction is basically the same, the only way they really could have made them lighter is by removing some of the wood core and replacing it with carbon. The 8.6's are so light because the ski is actually hollow, with 3 carbon stringers running the entire length, and some wood under the binding mount.

I really think because of the weight placement of the Big Stix line, you really won't notice a 20% difference in weight, especially if you have them mounted with a RailFlex system or another equally heavy binding system. Furthermore, 20% can easily be made up simply by the brand of boots you wear.

I can place a couple emails, if you'd like... There aren't many pairs of 7.6's or 7.2's floating around my town, so I don't think I could find some for a back to back comparison.
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Fischer's catalog for '04/'05 describes the '04/'05 model 7.6 as having a more consistent flex, which I interpret as a more even flex pattern from tip to tail than the previous model. As I understand it, the difference in construction from '03/'04 to '04/'05 is similar to the change that Fischer made to the 8.6. True, a 20% difference in weight probably isn't much more than a pound or two. I still say that if it was me, I'd rather buy the newer model if the difference is only 100 bucks. The $300 price is $99 less than the pro price was. But I'm biased, I'm an area rep for Fischer, so newer is always better.

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Thats it... Its final
Im getting the Fischer Big Stix 7.6 165cm 03/04 version.

It is grey painting with a black tail and has the lettering FX7.6 on the back and Fischer FX7.6 on the Front with three yellow triangles shaped into a pyramid.

the dimensions are 115/76/100

Thank-you all for all your help. I have said all the details so if one of you think this is the wrong ski please speak soon. I will be ordering soon... Thanks!!!
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They look like this
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Alta Skier:
Nice looking sticks!! So what binders ya goin with? I recommend Look P12Ti the Silver / Black ones. Not only will they look cool on that ski, they are top shelf binders (Cheap all over the net right now)
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More pics

Sorry about the pics from Realskier, I though they would display without a password.

Here is a look at what I found to be a 03/04 model, it’s a little different, but could be from the same year.

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I'm still looking around for the the P12Ti Bindings right now, any suggestions where I can find these?

I'm also looking closesly at the Rossignol Axium 200 w/ X-plate, I've found some pretty good deals on those...
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See this thread / Not the Ti But good stuff anyway.
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Well, I found a seller that will provide the Big Stix 7.6 (04/05) with bindings. The Railflex binding is a very modern integrated ski/binding system. Engineered by Fischer and Tyrolia.


I wish the price was better, but shipping’s included. Why not make them an offer, say $350 (shipping included) and see what they say. Tell them you found the ski alone for $200.00. They might be happy to “move” the item in August. Also, the 165cm will be the slow selling size, giving you leverage in

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I got to the bottom of the 30/04 Vs. the 04/05. The 04/05 is lighter and softer, at 140Lbs you may want to go with the newer ski.

Please read below an Email from the importer, Fischer Skis U.S. LLC;

"Absolutely this is true - it is about 20% lighter than the 03.04 model.
The carbon in the ski is thinned out compared to the previous year
making it lighter, and changing the flex to a bit softer makeup. The
sidecut is identical".

-----Original Message-----
From: m-barrett@northwestern.edu [mailto:m-barrett@northwestern.edu]
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 8:31 PM
To: cclapp@fischerskis.com
Subject: 03/04 & 05/06 Big Stix 76

Fischer Skis U.S. LLC
Chris Clapp
60 Dartmouth Drive
USA - NH 03032 Auburn
Tel. 001/6033147110

Dear Chris,

I've been trying to get to the bottom of the question concerning any
substantial difference between
the 03/04 model and the 04/05 model of the Big Stix 7.6.

The text from some of the online sellers say the 04/05 ski is 22%
lighter than the 03/05!

Can anyone clarify?

Best regard

Michael Barrett
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