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Dynastar 2005 Line

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I've seen a lot of posts about the new Legend line from Dynastar, but is there anything new happening with the rest of their skis like the Skicross or Omeglass/Omecarve line?
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primarily graphics, and some plate changes. most of the new stuff went into legends.
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Omecarve have new graphics but I think they now look a bit bland. Omeglass 63 is out already in some places with a more 03/04 Omecarve look.
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Heh, I love the Dynastar line and top to bottom I think they produce great skis. While they have produced great skis, however, their choice of graphics in recent years have always left something to be desired. As an example, look at the Intuitive line over the past few seasons. Great skis, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more blander looking skis than these. Having said that, the '04 Ski Cross and the '05 Legend line are sharp looking AND are great skis. It's almost like someone at Dynastar woke up and said "Hey, we make great skis, why not make them look good as well". I don't buy skis according to their looks, but many do. The recent changes should appease many of these buyers. To the skiers who buy for performance purposes, it'll be nice, but have no real effect.

As a side note, I find it refreshing that despite having a successful binding line (Look/Rossi) they still design most of their skis to accept any binding. I think this demonstrates confidence that their bindings will stand on their own merits vs. forcing the consumer to use a particular binding. Who knows, if Atomic ever goes this way, I may buy an Atomic ski one day.
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I think Dynastar got their act together the season immediately following the release of the STCs when the Omeglass came out and spawned the Speed Carve series which turned into todays Omecarve.

The STCs are great skis but look awful. Agreed the Legends look nice as do the TM's and LBF but I do not like the SkiCross graphics from the season just gone.

I think Dynastar tend to have a slightly 'geeky' rep from the past which turns a lot of people off, but they are converting more and more people evey day. I skied some average skis when learning but the day I put a pair of STCs on changed that forever. On personal non test days I will only ever wear Omecarve, Omeglass or the STC's if I am feeling nostalgic. Even powder days I'll take the Omecarve (Monday just gone I was up to my belly in it wearing the Carves and loving every minute).
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where do you go to see the skis the site shows the 03 line
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legends are in store now, as are some of the new ski cross/omecarve.
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NW SKier

Dynastar will probably be the last manufacturer to update the site for the new season.

A search on google will produce some results for the new skis (Dynastar Legend). Best place to get decent 04/05 pics for existing models is actually the japanese or foreign sites. Not having the press release for Dynastar meant I had to be creative to get images for my site, but one great resource was, in particular for the Speed series :

Hope that helps.

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thank you eski04
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Yeah great link eSki04. I have been wondering what the turn radius was on the Legend 8000. The Legends are looking like a prime candidate for my everyday resort ski.
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