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Overview of Home Fitness Equipment

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http://www.associatedcontent.com/con...type_id=6 016

Questions about these products appear regularly in the forum, so hopefully, this can serve as a general reference. Enjoy!
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hey LM, that web page needs a new editor:

Home Exercise Equipment for Recreational Athletes

Let’s face it. You’re the type of person who works hard so that they can play hard. While you’re not a professional athlete, you are serious about your sport.
an individual probably is not working hard at fitness so that THEY can play hard.

when I work at fitness, it is not for another person's hard play. it's for my OWN hard play.

1st person singular, 3d person plural, 3d person singular... who exactly is the subject here?

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The Grammar Nazi concurs.

"You’re the type of person who works hard so that you can play hard."
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Lisamarie, nice refference, probably very helpful to many. Thanks for your contributions. I always open your posts. Hope that you are well on your way to recovery!!!!! SNOW? Where is the SNOW?
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