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True. I always have to adjust mine because I have the opposite problem (small calfs).
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Originally Posted by lilskeer
I agree that getting a fit in a store is a good idea.
It's more than a good idea; it is essential for almost everybody.
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hmmm...really hard to decide whom i should trust my feet to. i guess i can get one now, and get it worked on when im skiing..........

btw, how come i can flex the magnesium easily while i cant on the easy move 12?
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I owned a pair of Atomic GS:9 had had problems at the instep also, and I have low arches/low instep! I have been told that this is a common fit problem with Atomics. I liked the other qualities of the boot, but stopped using them because the fit problem persisted after several days of skiing and multiple attempts with the bootfitter.

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I have wide feet and I m OK with the Atomics.
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I wear a pair of very aggressive orthotics (massive arch buildups, they were made with my foot hanging off the table) and am fine in my Atomic B9s. They are so wide that if I wasn't teaching, I wouldn't have had to have them blown out at all (standing a lot makes my feet spread out). And I buy men's "w" work boots in walmart!
the best thing about the atomics though is the snug heel, and very square toebox. Brilliant design, and it seems to suit a lot of people.
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Originally Posted by Strider
btw, how come i can flex the magnesium easily while i cant on the easy move 12?
Temperature and a solid floor to brace against (i.e. no way to backseat)?
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Boot fitters down under

Strider - "thing is, in australia, there's no real good boot fitter around.

ive been to 3 differnet boot ppl, all 3 have different ideas."

Just back from 5 days at Thredbo, so I have not logged in since last week. Strider, you are wrong, you are looking in the wrong place, asking the wrong questions or .....

This is Disski's list from ski.com.au posted on 12 August, you have seen it, take her advice:

"Bootfitters - no special order

Paul Oberin & Mick - Pauls ski shop wodonga
Ben - Box Hill Ski Skate Surf
Richard - Eiger
Harry - Larry Adler (Harry worked in the Strolz place in Lech for years & seems to know feet)
I'm told Rupert at Inski Canberra is good but have not spoken with him"

Two weeks ago I had some foot bed work done by Richard at Eiger in Jindabyne (He does work for WC skiers, so he can’t be that bad!!!). He picked up things that John Morgan at STM didn't. I've still got some more things to sort out with my Atomic B7's, but that's a matter of taking the time to go through the issues with Richard thoroughly. Finding a boot that suits you takes time and then getting that boot to fit you properly takes even longer. A good boot fitter is willing to spend many hours with you to get you the right boot and the right fit. If the people you are seeing are not willing to invest that time, then they are only salesmen.
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Yes - I felt Richard was VERY aware of feet & feet issues.... he just did not have as large a range to try on.... so buying from him is tricky....

Then again if I had to pay for boot work I'd pick Richard - he seems to have the foot/boot bit worked out fine... I wish he worked in a shop that could afford more boots...
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...cept he tried to persuade me to get a pair of 24.5 Salomons! Ouch, shades of Olde China.
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was that all he had left?

he wanted me in Langes.... I remember the last Langes before the "forward lean adjustment".... I'm not getting LANGES again unless I get my instructor back to adjust the forward lean - they are TOOOOOO forward for me....
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Hear you on that, get the boots that are the best fit, etc at the best price and then take them to Richard to tweak...
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hey taxman. yup i saw it...but...\

disski's a GIRL?!

yeah i've been going around alot lately. i talked to greg at larry adlers, he seemed to take alot of care for me. which i'm impressed. i guess with larry adler, i can go to harry if there's problem with the boots. i'm very impressed with greg because he's giving me a heaps good price for the boots as well. after my purchase, i'm gonna get him a 6 pack to say thanks.

as for me flexing the easymoves 12

i flexed the diablos at the shop during winter
i flexed the easy moves at home during summer.

diablo is so much softer than the easymoves....

im guessing because of the plastic? the diablo plastic seems alot softer....

well the diablo's flex pattern is alot better than the easymoves.
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disski's a GIRL?!

Strider:- hey taxman. yup i saw it...but...\

disski's a GIRL?!

Don't dis Disski : , she is one very knowlegeable lady
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BTW, look at the Atomic B series, they seem to like Aussie feet (nice & wide in the fore foot & plenty of toe room without sacrificing heel hold), I am currently using B7's & I think Ant is using B9's. Also I saw Larry Alder's had a special with an Atomic shell and Strolz liner, could be worth looking at.
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Disski now has Atomic B series too....

My foot is not REALLY wide... but does have lumps & bumps in toe area due to poor gait from feet issues....

I can get my very agro orthotics in there with room for feet - no worries about arch height

The atomics simply fit better around the heel/ankle area than other boots did...
Funnily enough they were the first boot harry gave me to try on.... he says I can visit him if I need boot work in Europe
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Originally Posted by Taxman

Don't dis Disski : , she is one very knowlegeable lady

oi - i don't think I have met you :
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I haven't had work done to my boots and I love em.If you have very a very large calf then you probably need a lower boot. Technica make very good boots in the diablo line that are fairly low.Very comfortable boot, just a little soft for me.
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Some Items for Hope.....
Dolomite's Pro Z 130(new) in addition to one or two of last season...
Tecnica's VENTO 10......I'm just hoping, in addition to it's higher instep!? area...its forward lean is reduced a bit from the Diablos...?? YES/NO...
Both Atomic's "B" and "M" series have cuffs, by browsing over...that do not have a lot going on, thus look ok for some mods..flaring out for calves...etc.YES/NO?
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I've always thought Technica had quite long cuffs. My Atomics are OK (I have a massive calf), they moved the top buckle to the last hole for me (there's pre-drilled holes for the cuff buckles, so they can be moved easily), and they're ladies' ones anyway which means lower cuffs.
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i tried diablos and atomic b7 on...

two observations

1. even thou the atomic gave me more toe room, there was less room for my calfs and the heel was a lil bit squashed compared to the tecnica
2. i could flex the tecnica with ease, whereas the b7 i had to realli push...


should i go softer flex? or stiffer flex?
i like cruising, im not into carving the living daylight out of the skis, although i definately would like to do it. i like to ski all mountain, bumps, powder, maybe even a lil park.

so stiff? or soft?
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If the rest of the package is okay, the calves & heel can be fixed by a bootfitter. IMO stiff = better i.e. more control. Use your core to absorb the bumps. If I was buying now, I would probably get the B9 rather than the B7 as it more capacity for adjustment. I don't find the B7 particularly stiff (and the flex can be adjusted by the lug at the back), however that may be a weight and height issue (87kg/185cm). The B series boot also seem to be relatively light in weight which may be an advantage in the park.
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Originally Posted by Strider
cheers for that
i my forefoot is wide, i have a high instep an a low calf. my heel isnt that wide, but my calf can be a problem
What type of skier are you? The new atomic plug is really wide as is the nordica pro 130 and hotrod. Speed machine 14 is also super wide. These boot ski really well in conjunction with fitting great.
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I find the B9s very soft, although the women's ones don't have the cuff lock that the men's ones have. You can add a rivet... I'm thinking about it.
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that's realli strange........

i can easily flex the diablo more than the B7, but the diablo is spose to be an all-mountain/race boot.

i'm not a racer, i like cruising down blue runs but also like to venture into some steeper stuff.

is the diablo (i'm pretty sure it's the magnesium) suppose to be stiffer than the B7?
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Only metal I can see in in my B7s is in the buckles.
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Just make sure that the Diablos' forward lean(Mag or Fire) with your alignment-makeup....keeps you balanced. Many were discussing this in the latter months of last season... They were too much for me, although the boot I was experiencing this in...was one shellsize too large , so the sizing might have added that much space. Lateral vs Rotary.... How is your range of dorsiflexion..? ample or is it less than normal...? A search can find the thread(s).... Others with more knowledge can enlighten...:
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i'm really not sure, never compared to anyone.

but when i do tend to get tired when standing up straight with boots on. the fitter put a wedge in the heel, it helped heaps. i'll wear them longer and tell you how it goes
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