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But..... prepare for the worst?

Last week my knee started killing me. The medial side, sharp pain, hurt when bent, ok when straight. Up stairs was weak and painful. Anti-inflamatory w/my old brace helped big time.

History: 10 yrs. ago fx lateral tibial plateau, torn lat. meniscus. Bone graft and cartiledge repair and I was back on skis next season. Now.... definite arthritis.

1 month ago i hit my tibia hard, walked away with hematoma and small cut, but leg was definitely stable. When the pain hit last week I promptly saw my orthopod this week (he was on vacation last week). He said arthritis has gotten worse, ligaments seemed very stable, bone was intact, tenderness (ouch!) at the medial meniscus and bone chips seen in the x-ray at the joint. Sent me for MRI........

I find out next Mon..... I have my films but I can figure them out (even after exhaustive search on internet) to save my life. Only 4 mos. to ski season... I'm feeling very nervous.

Chime in if this scenario sounds familiar and please share your story. Best guess... etc... BTW.... I'm only 40yo.