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Seth, Pocket Rocket, B3, BC, or Gotama?

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Hello - I have some decisions to make and was wondering if I could get some advice.

I skied the 1080s this past season and had a freaking blast - jumped off stuff, flew through the bumps, lapped up the pow, and didn't get too scared when bombing down a groomer and the tips flopped about like fish... I am an aggressive skier (5'6'' 150), moving to the mountains this upcoming season to make my ski bum-hood official and want a pair of fatties. Also, I should confess that I am a bump hound. I love a good fall line. But powder is my drug of choice and the steeper the better. And I wouldn't mind a ski that handles air with a secure feeling.

here's what I've heard:

B3's: good ski, but turning radius lacks, nice for AK, but not so great in the trees and tight spaces.

Pocket Rockets: great in pow, tight spaces and bumps, looses a bit holding its own on the ice, longevity a question for heavier, aggressive skiers, too soft

Seth Pistols: slightly soft, nice landing pads, haven't heard much else, would definitely like to though

Scratch BC: ???

Gotama: Ingrid skis 'em. They're huge.

So far, I like the way the Pocket Rockets seem to get good all-around reviews, but might be interested in the Seth Pistols for something a bit more aggressive. I like the versatility of a softer ski and don't want to end up with something that is good in the pow but only a one-trick pony.

Any words are welcome - thanks!
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Where are you skiing? If you can only have one ski, probably the Seth Vicious (2005/06 model of the Pistol) would be the best bet. Also the B4 is the new replacement for the B3 (there are now 4 skis in the Bandit series, the new one is inbetween where the 2 and 3 used to be). Gotama would be too big in the bumps, unless you are keeping your 1080 for skiing bumps that is. Consider the Volkl Mantra, it has gotten awesome reviews so far.
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I'll be skiing Crested Butte this season. I will be keeping the 1080s - but I would also like the fat skis I buy to be well-rounded. Is there a big difference between the 04-05 Pistols and the 05-06 Vicious?

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If you are going from being an occasional skier (say 10 - 35 days per year) to devoting your life to skiing for next season consider your advancement from whatever level you're at now to a much higher ability. In other words, think about the skier you will become and get a ski to work into, don't buy one for your present ability.

If you're already a ski god, never mind.
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I think the vicious is stiffer overall. Check out reviews at www.tetongravity.com forums, lots of really good skiiers post there.
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thanks, gramboh - do you know anybody with Pistols in 169? I seem to be finding only 179s.
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size 169

Al's has the SP in 169 for not a lot more money, and they might talk deal if your point out the competitor's price. I bought from them this year and they offered very professional and reliable service. http://www.untracked.com/highlight-174869.html
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