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I need some new skis

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Sorry for another one of those "what should I buy?" threads, but I'm pretty confused on what ski I should buy.

I am 5'10, 150 lbs, and ski mostly hard blue and single black runs (out West, not in the Midwest). I am also getting into racing on a high school team. I am fairly good at carving long arcs, but I need to improve my short turns for slalom racing. I also tend to ski slightly in the "back seat" at times, especially on steeper runs. I want a ski that won't completely overpower me this year, while I improve my overall skiing and my skiing in the gates, but will be stiff enough for serious racing in my Junior and Senior years of high school, so I don't have to buy new skis then. I am looking at 2004/05 year skis.

I was told that a slalom ski would be a better choice than a GS ski for the tight slalom and GS courses in Michigan. I am also looking at some "recreational" skis, instead of true race skis. Some of the skis I had in mind are the Fischer RX6 or RX8, Nordica Dobermann Pro SC, Atomic SX:10, and Atomic SL:9. Some of these, like the RX8, Dobermann, and SL:9, are marketed by the ski companies as being "expert" skis. I'm not an expert yet, but since I probably will be in three years, can I buy one of these skis and improve on it at my current level, or will skis such as these be too much ski for me? Any other ski recommendations are welcome.


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I think you are looking in the right direction
All of the skis you mentioned are fairly close in performance. I like the RX8 and SL9 for what you are looking for. They are the high end of the scale. They will punish you severely for getting on the tails (That’s not a bad thing)
Look for the deals (on any of these) if you are getting into racing / find and ask your local coach.
Anyway every ski you listed here is an excellent short turn ski / But a bit more forgiving that top end SL skis. They can be skied all day or taken into an SL or tight GS course (For a beginner racer) that does not mean beginner skiing.
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Consider the Head i.SL Chip

I think you ought to add the Head i.SL Chip to your list, primarily due to its versatility and forgiveness. Make sure it is the Chip version, the i.SL is much more of a real slalom ski.

I believe the i.SL Chip has comparable performance to the skis you mentioned but is also versatile enough to be skied at less that expert levels. I think it is is a good slalom ski for where you are now and also will grow with you.
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The RX8 is a good ski. I would say the SX11 is preferable SX10; I've skied both and the 11 outperforms the 10, and the 10 doesn't have advantage in terms of skiability for the less adept. I haven't tried the SL9 (or 11), but if you want to ski all day making more than just short turns, then I would probably get the RX8. Making fifty gazillion short high-g turns in a day can be quite tiring. Had you said you were dedicated and fearless, I would say get the Fischer SC, but as you say you get into the back seat on steep (single blacks) such a ski might prove to be too severe a learning path.
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You may also want to look at the Head i.XRC 1100 SW. Race ski construction with a sidecut between SL and GS. I've seen nothing but raves for them and from what I understand they would suit an aspiring racer like yourself.

I have a pair, but have yet to ski them since I got 'em in the off-season. Can't wait to rip some turns and give a first-hand report, though.
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Thanks for the suggestions. So a ski like an RX8 or Head 1100 would probably be a better choice for me than an RX6 or an i.XRC 800?
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The RX8 is a ski more suited to really working it. The RX6 is more "forgiving" and thus also can't give quite as much back. The RX8 is light, quick, and yet surprisingly versatile. It was my only ski in 03/04 and one of two in 04/05 (the other was the Atomic Metron:b5).

You may want to add a Nordica Speedmachine 14 to your list. I was surprised by the Doberman. Even in the SC, I think that's a lot of ski!
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