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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Y'know, all the tree watchers and ball droppers.

Didn't you flee to Joisey to escape such madness?

PS- I week to go :
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So you're going to visit Amerika. What are you going to do - ski or tour the city?

NYC is worth the trip and a great place to visit. I think you will really enjoy it. The place rocks! But, the skiing is not too good in NYC.

If you are only hear for a while grab a Jet Blue to Burlington and go to Stowe and places. You could go to Salt Lake City but do you really want to travel on top of travel. Vermont is beautiful, you will like it. It is the nicer side of the USA, not to say there aren't other nice places.

You can't do it all.
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I am a fellow Aussie too - and have visited NYC in January 2000 and it was great - nice to get away from the HOT weather of Aus. Stay at - Wolcott Hotel on 31st W beside 5th Avenue - 2 blocks south of Empire State Building. This is a Boutique Hotel - nothing fancy - no pool or Restaurant etc. But clean and friendly in good area. Easy walk to Macys and Pen Station and the Subway. Look up this site - www.wolcott.com/
They will upgrade to a Junior Suit most of the time.
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
Lived in NY meto area for 30 years and now moved to SF for 5 years. Pretty familiar with both cities. As far as hotel reservations in NYC concerned, if you can stay in the outskirt of NYC, instead of stay in midtown theater or "tourist" district, you will have a good chance to get hotel reservation cheaper, even at the last moment. The trouble is that you cannot "walk" to the center of actions quickly. The best value will be accross the river either in Queens or New Jersey. You can reach the Midtown via Subways from those areas.

As far as San Francisco concerned, we have a hotel over built situation here. There are many hotels near the Union Square can be had for very reasonable price. They are not first class hotels, nevertheless. In the airport area, most of the small hotels are left empty or less than 50% occupancy. While the "Merriot" class of hotels can be had for around $100-150, the smaller hotels are offering $50-75/night rates.
One possibility:

If you do go to NYC over the holidays with kids, don't miss FAO Schwartz at 5th Ave. & 58th St. I've stayed at the Kimberly Suite hotel nearby (E. 50th between 3rd and Lex; outrageous rates but moderate for Manhattan). It's nothing fancy, but it is in a great location.

Also, what jackwan1 said about the great deals in San Francisco. We stayed at the Savoy Hotel near Union Square a couple of years ago (http://www.thesavoyhotel.com/) for about $60 a night, much lower than the advertised rack rate. It pays to shop around and maybe use priceline.com to see if you can name your rate. Also, there are some great hole-in-the-wall (and not-so-hole-in-the-wall) restaurants in this city if you are an adventure-oriented diner.
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I will agree that NY is one of the best cities on the world. Anything bad that people say about NY is based off of info that is 20 years old. NY is as safe as safe a big city can be. With that said, If you are coming from Aus. for a trip, as suggestioned San Fran is another great city and is much closer plus the skiing is better in Tahoe than it is in Vermont.
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You may want to consider teh Grammarcy Park Hotel. It is not luxurious, but it has a great location (right on Grammarcy Park ...19th and Lex.), and the price is right ($150/night). It is clean, and you are surrounded by great restaurants, historic buildings, and a two minute walk to SoHo. In the day, Lou Reed used to hang out there.
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