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don't usually look down there on the bottom but I couldn't help noticing one of my favorite posters and one of the main reasons why I jumped in after guesting for so long is celebrating a birthday? His polite thoughtful posts are always a joy to read.....Mr Checkracer! Even tho it's almost tomorrow where you are happy birthday!!!

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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
His polite thoughtful posts are always a joy to read

Not to mention that English must be his 3rd or 4th language and he still writes it better than, than me. Happy birthday czechracer.

ps .... Sorry I won't be doing the mt. bike trip through Prague this year but I'll let you know when we pass through next year.
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Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!
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co' to jest?

What Tief said above (what ever that is ... hope it's the right thing!
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Happy Birthday, Checkracer!
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Hey folks,

My English is not good enough to express the nice surprise your congratulations are.
Thanks a lot.
No problem it´s yesterday or tomorrow. I have never considered birthday something special anyway. At least for me: it was not my job to be born, I was only a passive participant. (Maybe it´s the same in America? ) Moreover, it was not my first birthday. Routine...
Mothers should celebrate. Mine will and a small family get-together is very important for her. Not much fun left for old people and their childrens´ birthdays truly are something special for them.
You see, another "thoughtful" post of mine...
Yes, tief schnees post was absolutely perfect. If he manages in such a funny foreign language it would be a shame if I didn´t do my best in English...

That said I have to read all other new posts.
And, yes, thanks once more.
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When you are a child, birthdays ARE special. There are special birthdays. 13th, finally a teenager. 16th, able to drive legally in most states. 18th, finally able to vote and considered to be a man. 21, legal age in most states to drink alcoholic beverages and on you own in most households.

As a wild child of the 60's, I never expected to reach 50. Now at 54, birthdays only mean that your name hasn't been in the obituaries yet.
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In the UK...

10 - Most bank and building societies will let you open your own account.
You can be convicted of a criminal offence.

12 - You can be trained to participate in dangerous performances.
You can get a 12 out of the video shop. And you can go and see a 12A at the cinema without an adult.
you can be sent to secure accommodation. This will happen if you are convicted of an offence you could have been imprisoned for if you were an adult. The longest time they can hold you for is 24 months.
You can buy a pet
If you get a new passport, you have to sign it and not your parents

14 - You can go into a pub or a bar on your own, but you can only get soft drinks.
You can get a part-time job.
If you are convicted of a criminal offence you can get a fine from the Youth Court up to a maximum of £1000.
You can possess an air weapon but you must be supervised by someone aged 21 or over, or use it a rifle club or shooting gallery.

15 - You can see a 15-rated film at the cinema. You can rent or buy a 15-rated video.
If you are convicted of a crime and what you did is so serious that only a custodial (prison) sentence is justified or needed to protect the public from you, you can be sentenced to detention or a training order for up to two years. Half will be spent in a young offenders institution and half on supervision in the community. If the crime is murder or one of similar seriousness you may be held longer.

16 - You can buy beer or cider with a meal in a restaurant, or with a meal in a pub or hotel. You can also buy liqueur chocolates.
You can join the armed forces.
You can get a licence to drive an invalid carriage or a moped. If you are disabled you can get a licence to drive a car.
You can leave school on the last Friday of June. You are entitled to receive full-time education, so school, sixth form college and city technology college are free.
You also have the right to training if you aren’t in work or full-time education.
You can get most full-time jobs. You can’t work in a betting shop or in a bar during opening hours.
You are allowed to do the football pools and buy a lottery ticket.
You can leave home without the consent of your parents or anyone else with parental responsibility.
You can rent from a landlord.
If you are convicted of a criminal offence the Youth Court can enforce further punishment on you
You can marry but you must get permission from your parents first.
You can now consent to surgical, medical or dental treatment and also choose your own doctor.
If you are female you can buy emergency contraception, the morning after pill, over the counter in a pharmacy.
You start paying prescription charges
You also have to pay for sight tests and glasses unless you are in full-time education.
A girl can consent to heterosexual intercourse and a boy can consent to a homosexual act, with another male over the age of 16.
You can buy cigarettes, tobacco and cigarette papers
You can apply for your own passport.
You now have to pay full fare on trains, buses and tubes in London.

17 - You can donate blood without parental consent.
You can no longer have a care order made on you.
You can hold a licence to drive a car, but not a medium or heavy goods vehicle, or a vehicle that carries more than 8 people.
You can get a private pilot’s licence to fly an aeroplane, helicopter, gyroplane, balloon or airship.
You can be interviewed by the police and given a reprimand or a warning without an appropriate adult being present.
If you get charged with an offence and you aren’t granted bail you will be sent to a remand centre or prison.
You can buy or hire a firearm or ammunition.
You can buy or hire a crossbow.

18 - You can no longer be adopted.
You can buy and drink alcohol in a bar.
You can apply for a licence to sell alcohol.
You can join the armed forces without parental consent
You can make binding contracts in your own right.
You can hold a licence to drive a medium-sized goods vehicle
Your employer must pay you the minimum wage, which is £4.10 an hour.
You can see an 18-rated film at the cinema and rent or buy a video given an 18 certificate.
You can buy fireworks
You can obtain a commercial pilot’s licence to fly an aeroplane, helicopter, glider, balloon or airship.
You can enter a betting shop and place a bet. You can also work in one.
Criminal charges against you are now dealt with in the adult courts and you can now be sued or sue people. You can serve on a jury, make a will and apply for legal aid in your own right.
You can get married without parental consent.
You can donate your body to science, or anatomical study, or donate your body organs without parental permission.
You can be tattooed.

21 - You can adopt a child.
You can supervise a learner driver if you have held, and still hold, a full licence for that type of car for at least three years. You can apply for a provisional licence to drive a large passenger vehicle.
You can obtain a flight navigator’s licence, a flight engineer’s licence or an airline transport pilot’s licence to fly an aeroplane, helicopter or gyroplane.
If you receive a custodial sentence you will be sent to prison.
You can become a Member of Parliament, a local councillor or a local mayor.
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Oh yes, after reading Foxes post, if a girl at 16 you are no longer considered jail bait.

I've got to get to work Fox, I didn't have the time to go into detail. haha!
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And after 21, it's all downhill from there!
Celebrate being alive, checkracer!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
And after 21, it's all downhill from there!
Celebrate being alive, checkracer!
I do.
Btw, "downhill" sounds no bad but mostly on the snow and with appropriate gear

I should send your detailed post to someone teaching English...

Here, in the Wild East, it´s:
- 12: full price on lift tickets in most resorts (some have 15, none more)
- 15: moped, sex, criminal act responsibility, identity card
- 18: driving license, alcohol, tobbaco, marriage, almost full responsibity in most respects
- 21: driving trucks, member of parliament
- 30: judge
- 40: senator (not sure about the president)
- 60: some old-age benefits, discounts on lift tickets in some resorts
- 70: public transportation free in Prague
- 80: 95% discount on the lift tickets in our biggest resort (you also wonder why not totally free with about 10 sold each season?)

The most special birthday is definitely the 18th bringing full age with most rights. I even didn´t celebrate that one. We were in a training camp then and the coach was not satisfied with our efforts. "No party" was the verdict. We were so tired after the full day that we slept like kids instead...
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To Bonni:

I would have to be blind not to see the wishes for you. Now it´s my turn to wish you Bonni.
And you should know that I do like downhill. I have survived all I have participated in so far...
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Check: Herzlichen gluck wunsch zum geburtstag!
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Originally Posted by Canyons
Check: Herzlichen gluck wunsch zum geburtstag!
Vielen Dank. Keine grosse Feier, wie bereits beschrieben in meinen Beiträgen. Einfach noch ein Jahr auf dem Buckel... Solange die Knie halten, ist alles immer noch in Ordnung.
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Ja schau her, jedesmal wen du ein Jahr aelter wirst werde ich auch ein Jahr aelter, so mach's halt ein bissl langsamer von jetz an...

Wie alt bist du ueberhaupt? Glueckwunsch und ich trink einen fuer dich...

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Originally Posted by checkracer
Hey folks,

Thanks a lot.
No problem it´s yesterday or tomorrow. I have never considered birthday something special anyway.
Well, we consider your birthday something very special. It allowed us the privilege of getting to know a great person. We're so fortunate to be graced by your presence here, your posts are always polite, respectful and cutting edge knowledgeable. A big happy birthday Checkracer.
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Happy Birthday, checkracer! I really appreciate your contributions here and celebrate another year of your travels on the planet.
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Once more, everybody:

Too many nice words on such an occasion concerning a man like me. Nevertheless, you need to hear some positive feedback from time to time (the longer you´re married and the older the children the less you get it at home ) and I have just had my share.
Thanks again, danke, děkuji.

Your Glückwunsch is especially wertvoll because it kommt from a skier sogar älter than me ("than I am" for those appreciating my grammar) which is ziemlich selten in web discussions.
Btw, we freuen uns auf your posts in the Deutsch forum.

Very probably the nicest words I heard on this occasion. Not bad from a man who was "sitting at the opposite ends of a rifle" back then...

Now the carnival is over and let´s proceed to really serious matters. Skis, sidecuts, flex indices, turn initiations, waisteering, etc. are waiting.
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Oh, sorry, Steve, thanks, I forgot about you, another "former "enemy" now sharing a common love and passion", as you put it.
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Very clever, Ivan...

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I would be remiss

though we just met (electronically speaking) I have found Check to be an extreme gentleman and most helpful.


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Many happy returns, Check, and we hope you continue to contribute your exceedingly insightful and even-tempered comments here. You are a class act!
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I ain't gonna be left out of this party! Feliz Cumple, checkracer!!!!!!!!! Y que cumplas muchos mas!!!!

And maybe someday we'll meet-up on a hill in your area of this crazy world, where the only real peace I find is on those steep groomers I love (unless I fall off a damn chair which I've been doing lately at my ripe ole 50, Carajo!).

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