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Airline Baggage Allowances

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Worth noting that Continental and Northwest have both just reduced the weight allowance for checked baggage on international flights (this includes to Canada from the US) from 2 bags @70pounds to 2 @50 pounds, the same as for internal flights w.e.f Sept 7. Also like some of the other airlines, slightly higher allowances apply for premium tickets, higher level frequent fliers.

They will now charge an additional $25/bag for up to 70 pounds
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Yep, I'm noticing the reductions.

Jet Blue is still holding fast @ 70#, who knows for how long.

Upside: Maybe I'll stop bringing all that crap I didn't need anyway!!!
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US Air appears to have a very strict interpretation of the 50 lb limit, one pound over and you get charged. I saw it happen twice this morning to people in front of me.

Some wag at the Philly airport claims the scales at the US Air check in counters are the only items US maintains in working order these days.
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Yes, now that they are charging for pretzels, they see this as another good opportunity to generate some revenue.
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US Scare will not be around too much longer, sez my crystal ball.
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My kid just came back from Whistler on Continental. He had a Transport boot pack as his carry on, a medium (roller) suitcase and a bag with two pair of skis (166 & 181) two pair of poles and race gear stuffed inside.

I thought it was a pretty hefty load and they would tag us extra, especially on the ski bag, but there was no mention of it.
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